Texecom Wintex connecting over WAN with Wintex

19 Nov 2013
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United Kingdom

Recently installed a Texecom Premier Elite 48 with Com-IP for programming and diagnosing through Wintex. I have it all working fine through my LAN in my house but I would like to be able to access it when Im away at work.

This is all new to me and between millions of router settings and the No-IP Im not sure where Im going wrong

My router is setup with my No-IP details. When I login to my No-IP account it gives me my routers current IP address. I take it this is the IP address I have to type into Wintex to connect over WAN? what about the gateway and other settings in Wintex. Please correct me if Im making wrong assumptions here

Also the router settings I am unsure of. I have a TP link router which i have configured the virtual server on again screenshots attached. I have also attached the routing page if that needs anything done to it? There are some figures in the routing page leftover from a previous CCTV installation

Any comments on where I am going wrong are welcome. Ive spent hours trudging through the net but cannot get this to work


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Can you connect wintex using your internal ip address?

If yes, then we need to forward the router to the internal ip of the comip on the port being used.

If using a dns you need to put the details into your router.

If you are struggling please send pvt nessage and we can arrange a team viewer session or something to see if we can get this sorted for you.
I strongly advise you remove the screen shot of your no-ip account name, and change the default password on your TPlink router!!!!!

You have opened yourself upto the world!!!!!

I thought I would check to see you had secured yourself, and you haven't :oops:

What internal IP address have you used for the com ip?

You should be able to just enter your no-ip domain name and not the dynamic ip into wintex.
whoops couldn't see the details myself on my phone screen

reported to admin due to the sensitive data spot, hope fully they can remove it if he doesn't see this post
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Would also add that the COM-IP is a little vulnerable to be placed directly on the internet with a simple port forward.
Have to be careful whats said in public but compromising the alarm system is all down to setup and if you post everything as it is setup its made easier to compromise.

Message me about your port forward concerns.
Might want to default your panel and start again I'd recommend, you just compromised your alarm, and also Joan's if she uses the same code for her home or work or whatever.

Your master code ends in a 5
Your engineer code ends in 00
Joan's code ends in 321

And it's not a good ides to leave the UDL password as default, or post too much information on the internet. I stopped short of doing a bell test for the next 5 hours.

Ok big error on my part. Thanks to all those who pointed it out. Like I said this is all new to me

I have now changed no ip details, udl password, router password, port number and user passcodes which should see me ok? and Ill stop posting all my info on the net :)

Seems everybody else can access my panel except me!

When entering the host name into wintex over wan do I need to do anything with the gateway or is that taken care of by the host name?


I realised the internal IP of the com-ip was shown in one of the screen shots, and was tempted to see if I could connect to the panel, but stopped at the router. I was on my iPad too, but if on the laptop, would of given it a go!

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