UK Covid Deaths etc. *Links required please, for any claims

This again? Due to the vastly higher number of vaccinated people.

"The Gateway Pundit (TGP) is an American far-right[2] fake news website.[1] The website is known for publishing falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories.[30]" How on earth do you find these sites?

Regardless of what sort of site some may think it is , the figures come from a UKgovernment official source .

As Denso has already pointed out, the web site is bogus:
The Gateway Pundit is an American far-right fake news website.
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Thousand of truckers protest against covid restrictions in the streets of Canada.

Daily Mail reports it without mocking or calling them anti-vaxxers, dangerous lunatics etc.

Justin Trudeau flees for a secret location as up to 50,000 'Freedom Convoy' truckers hit Ottawa | Daily Mail Online
Sensational reporting?
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have left their home in the national's capital Ottawa for a secret location as up to 50,000 truckers gather to protest against the country's vaccine mandate and Covid lockdowns.

Hundreds of truckers drove their giant rigs into the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday as part of a self-titled 'Freedom Convoy' which started as a protest against vaccine mandates required to cross the US border.

Days earlier, he had called the truckers headed for the city a 'small fringe minority' before the convoy of hundreds of vehicles grew up to 45 miles long as it made its way to the capital .
From andy11's link.


Hundreds of trucks and thousands of people blocked the streets of central Ottawa on Saturday as part of a self-titled "Freedom Convoy" to protest vaccine mandates required to cross the US border.
Fair old misrepresentation of the real issue also involved:
Vaccination mandates for ship crews, railways and airline workers have been in effect since Oct. 30. On Jan. 15, they were extended to truck drivers returning from the United States. The requirement does not apply to the vast majority of the country’s more than 300,000 truckers who drive domestic routes.
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The patient takes the medicine, then after day 3 they feel totally better, and stop taking the medicine, thinking they no longer need it. What actually happens is that the antibiotics kills off about 90% of the weakest bacteria in the first 3 days, leaving stronger bacteria - not enough to make them feel sick, but enough to be contagious. The patient then passes this stronger, surviving bacteria on to another person, who has a 100% dose of the more antibiotic resistant bacteria.

I can confirm that - the doctors, the pharmacists and I think even the prescription tries hard to reinforce this, but still the idiots amongst the population ignore the advice.

Which is a similar problem with regards to the covid - while ever only some of us volunteer to have the vaccine to protect us, the covid is free in the unvaccinated to become even more virulent, to attempt to attack those who have been vaccinated.
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I've explained my position above. I started this thread in a 'familiar' forum where it would probably have remained fairly sensible, but it was rapidly moved to here. Too much of my time is currently involved in serious professional activities related to Covid and Covid data for me to be able to afford to waste time dealing with 'rubbish' or slanging matches.

Although well-intentioned, I fear that asking for 'links' will achieve little or nothing. There is more than enough nonsense out there to enable anyone who is so inclined to provide links to support views of any degree of craziness.

My offer to respond to any (sensible) PMs remains.

Kind Regards, John
Lol. so anything from the BBC then!
This retired doctor looking at the latest figures.
And for completeness, his explanation of why his comments may have been misinterpreted; including data for those who have died with comorbidities - as I suggested in post #24 , those with diabetes have suffered hugely ( see around 10 - 11 minutes in):

Already posted at the beginning of this thread, post #8.

He should have elaborated more than he did when he mentioned that it isn't that simple. Sounds like he may be capable of doing that. He is a nurse that happens to be a doctor.

His use of needles for jabs was an interesting one. That one made wonder. Now I know what sort of person he is.

Anyway deaths miss the worst aspect of covid. That is not being able to treat people if too many people need that at any point in time. That aspect is the one that has caused the various problem we now have. Debt, NHS backlogs and things that should have been diagnosed earlier and many other aspects as well.

But clearly the Gov etc haven't a clue what they were doing :eek: I do wonder if they could have done better but not being able to treat people would have been far more serious.
This retired doctor looking at the latest figures.

He is not a retired doctor.

In November 2021, Campbell made false claims about the use of the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment.[3

Campbell received a diploma in nursing from the University of London and Bachelor of Science in biology from the Open University. He subsequently earned a Master of Science in health science from the University of Lancaster and a Ph.D. in nursing education from the University of Bolton.
He is not a retired doctor.

He is a Dr. just happens to be in nursing. Dr can be added to a name via a whole host of things. It's just a level of qualifications usually one step up from an MSC or equiv. Next one is prof
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