Vaccine and boosters adverse effects

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I can't think of, or have been shown a reason NOT to have the harmless vaccine.
And yet you said, "I'm not that interested in a booster, particularly. I'm doing OK on the two I had"

Why the sudden disinterest?

I've had none of the jabs, and I'm doing ok...

Why is that?
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FFS quit waffling about the Covid vaccine. Its the same as any other for crying out loud. Saves lives and is harmless. You dredging up any old bullshít you can lay your mouse on, won't change that. We are here boyo, alive and well and not dead from Covid. Millions sadly are not.
Plenty of acknowledged professionals coming out with evidence that may mean that eventually even you will come to realise you've been conned ;)
Why the sudden disinterest?
Sudden? I had three shots already. And what makes you think I am disinterested? It was more to do with the successful vaccination programme fighting covid into submission and the huge drop in Covid hospital admissions and deaths. Plus the wording for the third booster offer meant (to me) that I could take it or leave it.
If things go South again, I'll be first in queue.
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Says six pages in gassy.

The vaccine is safe boyo. It's just a little prick. No dramas. Same as any other vaccine - saves lives, takes minutes, costs nowt. What's not to like.
From someone who went against government advice so he could have a pint and you would know all about a little prick
And while you are about, would you care to tell us how long the contaminated blood product saga has been going on?
Can't you just tell us, instead of your usual sanctimonious 'care to' prefix to every post.
But every single one needed to recruit COVID trial participants were available. Immediately, not after a two month application process to be allowed to run a trial,and another month of waiting to see if they won the application, and another two months of setup and getting people signed off.

In a hundred ways all the normal time wasting activities that are needed to avoid wasted money and time were dropped because this was important and urgent.
love how you quote time frames as fact when in fact they are pure guesswork
Can't you just tell us, instead of your usual sanctimonious 'care to' prefix to every post.
As usual the reply of someone embarrassed by the bleeding obvious!

But since you are again unable to google it's the best part of 50 years...

Care to tell us how many promises were made to compensate those affected and why those still alive haven't received adequate pay outs?

Of course that's just another embarrassing question!
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Lol. Answers a 'care to' question with another ‘care to' post!
mottie/motman doesn't understand irony...

Which is rather ironic don't you think :LOL:

But what's your take on the blood contamination scandal?

Do you care?
Which one?
Hepatitis/Aids NHS contaminated blood products procurement scandal...

Why, which ones are you thinking about?

Oh that's right, it's an embarrassing question you don't want to answer ;)
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