Whatsapp Issue

7 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom
On my mums Motorola phone about 6 months old all of sudden she cant make phone calls or video calls through whatsapp. She is still able to send and receive messages. Software is all up to date, reinstalled whatsapp twice. Can make calls as normal on the phone, internet is connected and working. Still whatsapp keeps saying to check internet connection. Any help appreciated.
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Both, even with mobile data turned on it would not work
There is a Windows version of WA for the PC. It links to your contacts directly, simply by showing your phone's camera one of those square barcode thingummies, shown on the PC's screen. It works well, except sometimes it freezes if left open for a while, unused. Fix is to minimise, then maximise to unfreeze it.
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She doesnt know how to use a PC, she only uses it on her phone. Last resort is to factory reset it then start again but trying to avoid that.
Will have to do test tomorrow. I used my laptop at parents house earlier with no problems, plus dads phone has bo issues on their internet.
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