Where do we go from here?

Boris just needs to get a deal. Simple. Its what all parties want. He just needs to put some (ANY) energy into it.
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Vinty the smearer

vinty does seem to have a persistent problem.
I have made a total 877 posts on this forum of which 6 refer to George Soros, hardly evidence of obsession with George.
The posts of mine which you have quoted are as usual taken out of context.
ould be wrong of course
Of course you are wrong.

You believe no deal was a negotiating lever against the EU.....it isnt and never was.
It is only a lever to use against the UK parliament........because Johnson wants to force the ERG nutters to vote for the WA.

Which we all know is worse than the current deal

Johnson hasnt got a deal in his pocket all he has is Dominic Cummings
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