Who Wins in a Cashless Economy?

Reminds me actually I heard of something the DVLA wanted to propose that in order to get a driver's licence you have to give DVLA your bank details so that any fines can be automatically processed without any trial or defence a motorist might have lmao. I heard they proposed this because they are unhappy on the admin fees they incur chasing fines/debts they impose on people. What an interest world eh.
Where d'you hear that? Chinese whispers?
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I wonder how the illicit world of drugs, counterfeit and stolen goods would go on without cash?

Pain in the backside cash. Get rid of it I say and all the shysters that go with it.
The tax man will no doubt be happy to see a cashless economy.
You're confusing money with credit.

It's possible to have a cashless system which doesn't include credit.

No, because part of my argument was that handing over proper paper money actually feels like spending money, whereas cards or other transfer systems disconnect you from the store of wealth you have that is being depleted. It's about the physical act of handing over paper money, which may be from savings or even borrowed.
If cash no longer existed, how will plumbers take payment for their services? :idea:
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