Wring a pull cord switch in the bathroom

9 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
The previous pull cord we had was becoming worse and worse for turning on.

So bought a new pull cord switch and now I am faced with 2 earths, 2 red wires and 2 black wires. The switch has a place for the earth so thats fine. but then I have L1 ,L2 and com-L. The instructions are useless as they only show the fitting when 3 wires are present. Any help gladly appreciated.

PS there is only one switch for the lights not two.
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This is a picture in case my description is not very good
I've had a closer look and the black wires seam to be tangled or tied together not actually wired into the fitting, so that leaves me two earths and two reds. I think one of the original problems was that one of the reds had worked it's way loose.

The new problem is the length of wire left for the new fitting is not long enough, to reach the parts of the new fitting. So I'm gonna have to figure out how to lengthen the wires before I can plug it in. i've had a look in the loft and there is no excess. This is what gets me about DIY, you do one job but that leads you onto another and another.
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markel said:
I've had a closer look and the black wires seam to be tangled or tied together not actually wired into the fitting,
you really should join them properly and check out the rest of your wiring for similar faults.

the two reds will go in com and L1, doesn't matter which way round.

as for extending the best way would be to solder on lengths of flex core (the flexibility makes it easier to get a good solder joint and puts less stress on the joint when fitting/removing the lid) then cover the joint with heatshrink. Crimps or terminal block can also be used but you may not have enough space in the box.
mark, the cable is mains in and switched live neutral out probably if you say blacks were twisted together. so put blacks together in a connector block reds accross C & L1 earths together this may explain why some cables were short (blacks i'm guessing)

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