1. J

    Galaxy flex entry or exit zone

    Hi, I have a magnet on the door zone1 set to final. Should the pir in the hall, zone2, overlooking the the door and keypad be set set to Exit or Entry? Thanks in advance. Jeramy
  2. J

    Galaxy flex aux tamper 004

    Hi i have just updated my Flex 100 firmware and have reprogramed the rf zones and hopefully everything else. But its thrown up an "aux tamp 004" error. Any ideas on how to remedy it. Thanks in advance, Jeramy
  3. G

    Fused switched spur with flex outlet - can it be an inlet?

    Hi, Just want to know if a fused switched spur with flex outlet (similar to this - https://www.toolstation.com/click-mode-13a-fused-spur/p18434? ) can be used with the flex outlet as an inlet? I plan to power a CCTV camera that will be outdoors by drilling straight through the wall and fitting...
  4. J

    tcc800m honeywell fob with galaxy flex.

    I have the above fob intalled on my Flex 100 alarm. When I activate the PA buttons all I get is the internal speaker ringing OP3. I want the bells as well. Is there a way I can put a wire between OP3 and the bell box to get them both to ring at the same time? Thanks for your responses in advance.
  5. C

    Honeywell Flex Flash Advice

    Hello i have acquired (eBay) a Honeywell flex fx20 panel and don’t have any code seems to work ok but can’t full test without access I was hoping to default the panel and use it for a backup or testing I am using the Honeywell flashing program and also have all the firmware files Am...
  6. C

    Setting up Honeywell GX remote app

    I hooked up GX remote and I can set unset the alarm, view logs etc from my phone. I am trying to set up push notifications but fail at the registration part on my phone. I can register without a panel account and everything seems fine but I never get any confirmation email.I can get the account...
  7. C

    Adding TCPA2B PA fob to honeywell Flex alarm

    Hello looking for some advice I am trying to get a TCPA2B PA fob to work with me honeywell flex 50 alarm I have successfully added the fob to a user and also enabled the remote PA fob setting however when I activate the PA fob the lights flash on the fob but nothing on the alarm anything...
  8. C

    Honeywell galaxy flex PA wiring

    Looking for some guidance on adding a pa to my flex system I have a pa alarm with build it resistors however no matter how I wire it it won’t work it I mainly get +mask error Any help would be amazing Am using the built in 1k/1k One wire to a/2t back to zone One wire to nc1 back to ov...
  9. J

    PIR signal strength Honeywell Flex

    Please could somebody verify I got this right. On keypad menu 21 display zones. For my RF zone I get Sig 10 low 08. I take sig is current signal which is "excelent" Low refers to the lowest it has ever been? Meaning 10 excelent and 0 crap?
  10. J

    Pir eating batteries

    Hi, I have installed my first wireless le sucre PIR on my flex system. Everything went ok with pairing until next morning I get keypad message rf batlow. Result: I am on my 3rd battery in 3 days!! Has anybody had this problem? Many thanks,
  11. C

    Honeywell galaxy flex final zone issue

    Hello looking for some guidance and help if I may I have just started a project to try install a Honeywell galaxy flex I completely understand it’s probably over kill for a house and someone will tell me it’s not for a DIYer but am having a go never the less I have it all set up and working...
  12. J

    door sensor flex alarm

    Hi, I have a flex alarm panel. I would like to wire this sensor up to a zone but i am not sure what terminals on the panel to use. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Jeramy,
  13. J

    Flex Direct mount RF Portal A073-00-01

    Hi, I have just got my hands on Honeywell RF Portal A073-00-01. In the flex maual it shows it comes with a directional antenna but mine came with out one. Does this mean it mean I am missing one or is it built in? Many thanks in advance. Jeramy
  14. Bodgy Bob

    "Facility Code" Honeywell Galaxy Flex DCM

    @GalaxyGuy have you ever programmed a "facility code" into a Honeywell Galaxy Flex panel with a DCM module and HID iClass reader? Can't seem to find an option for configuring it anywhere.
  15. L

    Galaxy flex adding additional keyprox and speaker

    Hi. Would like to add an additional keyprox and internal speaker. Am I ok to run the cables back to the panel like for like as the other pad just ensuring each pad and a different address on the rotary switch. As for the internal speaker it seems unclear where I wire that? Is it wired with the...
  16. D

    Galaxy Flex Final Zone Issue

    Hi all, I'm hoping somebody can help with a strange issue I have? My setup is a Galaxy Flex 50 v3.37 with multiple wireless and wired zones. Everything works as you'd expect except at times when I try part-set or full-set the alarm on the mk8 keypad, I get "check zone - final" and I need to...
  17. M

    Galaxy Flex fault when setting alarm

    Hi, i Installed a new Galaxy Flex 20 with mk8 keypad and a couple of RF zones. Had some previous issue with the tampers and low battery in a few PIRs but that has been sorted now. I have a new 7.2Ah battery fully charged. Problem is when I set the alarm I get this "ALERT-BATT LOW", ent=CONTINUE...
  18. Bodgy Bob

    Honeywell 'GX Remote Control' app missing from Google Play

    It seems that Honeywell has recently pulled the GX Remote Control Android mobile application from Google Play, interestingly the iTunes store version remains online. Does anyone have any information or knowledge of why the Android version has been removed?
  19. G

    Galaxy Flex and RF Portal + Testing Trigger outputs

    I've just installed a Galaxy Flex 20 with Ethernet module and additional trigger module and everything seems to be working. I've also got a direct mount RF portal to install but when I originally connected this I kept getting an error on the keypad (I think it was RF105 Tamper) My keypad was...
  20. M

    Honeywell Flex - Fob setting and Gx remote with DDNS

    Hi, I have 2 questions: 1- It's about using fobs and programing the flex panel: I have TCB800M fobs, they were recognized by the panel, so I have one fob per user (2 users in all) Alpha is the RFmode which is set. As for now, any button i push on the fobs did nothing...so I wonder if i need to...