1. C

    Glow Worm Energy 30S F75 fault code

    Awoke this morning to a cold house and a Glowworm Energy 30S boiler showing an F75 error code which would indicate a pressure or pressure sensor issue. When I restart the boiler the pressure shows 0.6b for about 30 seconds before going into error, one video online implied it would show 1.5b as...
  2. M

    Glow Worm Fireblaze BBU capped, can I use the fire without the BBU?

    I've had a Glow Worm BBU capped off and a new combi boiler installed. The firefront doesnt seem to work and I wonder if it is possible to continue to use the fire without the BBU on this model?
  3. J

    Glowworm ultracom2 cxi - UFH

    My house has a glowworm ultracom2 CXi 35 combi, feeding the radiators on all floors and for hot water in showers and taps. The heating element is controlled by a Nest 3rd gen thermostat. I am going to do a ground floor refurb, and will be installing underfloor heating on the ground floor only...
  4. Ronsil

    Nest wiring to Glowworm 24C in place of old thermostat

    Hi all, I have just moved into house which has the original 1980's thermostat on the wall. It is very worn and old, we are decorating and would like to replace this, hopefully with a Nest unit. The boiler we have is an old Glowworm Betacom 24c, installed in the loft. It is in very good, like...
  5. S

    F26 after replacing valve, help please!

    Sorry to trouble you all. Replaced the copper valve under the motorised head yesterday - but the Glow-Worm hxi 38 boiler now gives an F26 code after a couple of hours. Bled all the rads and no air in them. the code book mentions return temperature thermistor- but it seems very coincidental that...
  6. D

    Glowworm 24ci leaking

    Hello, This is my first time posting on here and I am a complete novice with boilers so any help is much appreciated. I have noticed a leak coming out of the bottom of my Glowworm 24ci boiler - it is dripping once every 10-15 seconds. I took a look and couldn't see exactly where the leak was...
  7. N

    Hive Single channel to Glowworm 38CXi

    Hi All I've trawled through here and not found a thread that precisley matches my setup so rather than break rules and tag onto other posts have started this one! Has anyone got any experience wiring the hive single channel heating system to a glowworm 38cxi combi? I currenlty just have a...
  8. James.C

    Drayton Wiser integration help

    Hello, I am wondering if I could find some help on this forum with regards to adding the Drayton Wiser to my system. (Boiler is a Glow.Worm Flexicom24cx) I have taken some photos of the steps I have taken to try and follow the instructions from Drayton, and hopefully someone can point out the...
  9. H

    Glowworm 30CXI Combi boiler hot water cycling hot and cold.

    So I've just had a visit from a HomeServe Vaillant/Glowworm engineer to fix my boiler. The water was cycling hot and cold every 4 or 5 seconds. He was reluctant to attend saying the problem was most certainly blocked plate heat exchanger and said I should get a power flush first. In the end...
  10. G

    Intermittent Problem!!

    Hello everyone, I have an issue with my Glow Worm Ultimate 40FF. The problem is sometimes my boiler does not start, it makes this noise and it does it for ages, until I turn it off from the wall switch. If I leave if off for like 30min to 1 hour, and turn it back on again it comes on with no...
  11. R

    Replace Danfoss RX1 with Hive Heating and Hot Water V2

    Hi all. Firstly...I realise that I should really use the Hive Heating only, but as I got the Hive Heating and Hot water for £95, and having read other posts on here, I believe that if your boiler uses 230-240V then it will work. Boiler : Gloworm 38CXi combi...
  12. A

    Glowworm boiler - keeps tripping showing F5, F9 or F11

    I have a Glow worm Ultrapower sxi boiler. Over the past 24 hours, it has kept stopping and showing fault code F5, F9 or F11. If I then reset it via the reset button, it starts working again for a short period (and will heat water in that period, eg I've had a hot shower, or the central heating...
  13. G

    Nest with Boilermate II

    Hello guys new here, i just got a nest recently and I have a Boliermate II with a GlowWorm Boiler. Just wanted to confirm if anyone has ever installed a Nest with this setup and just to confirm if my plan is correct. BoilerMate2 by Gualter Guizado posted 20 Nov 2016 at 6:10 AM So my plan is...
  14. S

    Glowworm spacesaver 65 75f

    Hi all, old boiler i know but upto now she's been a reliable old girl. It has been not working for a week now, the fan before this kept jamming and not starting up, a quick oil up of the bearing ontop and working in it would be fine again for few weeks/months now give up the ghost! so far I've...
  15. C

    Glow Worm Obsolete Boiler Valve Part

    Hi Can anyone please help me find an obsolete part for a Glow Worm boiler? The part no is 2000801127 - gas valve The current gas valve part is now 2000801129 which won't work on my bolier Many thanks Regards
  16. S

    CH working, but no hot water. Do I need new boiler?

    Thanks in advance for any help. I have a Glowworm Combi boiler, the model is 80e. The central heating works fine but there's no hot water coming out of the tap. A local plumber said I need a new boiler. Do I? I know the boiler is about 13 years old and it's been about 12-15 months since it was...
  17. J

    Water in outer flue combi boiler

    Hi, I have a Glow-Worm Flexicom 30 cx installed in a ground floor flat. A couple of weeks ago it started reading error messages F4 and F13. The Glow-Worm man who came round opened it up to find some water inside the boiler and said that we had to call the installation man as it looked like an...