1. M

    How to turn on Central heating on a Glow-worm 45-60 B boiler with a broken timer

    Hi I own a Glow-worm 45/60 B boiler but my analogue timer (EMP2) is no longer functioning. I'm curious if there's a way to manually activate my central heating and hot water without relying on the timer. I understand the timer has a continuous option however it seems to be malfunctioning and...
  2. SenileGit

    Horstmann 2 Channel Programmer won't allow different hot water and central heating settings

    Hi everybody, I have just replaced an old Horstmann Channel Plus H27 programmer with a Horstmann Channel Plus H27XL Series 2 programmer, but the new programmer duplicates whatever settings I put on the hot water channel, onto the central heating channel, and vice versa. Whichever one I change...
  3. C

    Honeywell T4R thermostat and st9400c programmer - who's the boss?

    Hi, Mum had a new conventional central heating system fitted last year, all working superbly but I have a couple of questions. There is one Honeywell T4R wireless thermostat, and a Honeywell st9400c programmer in the airing cupboard. The hot water is set to 'Auto' on the programmer, and comes...
  4. B

    Gravity fed programmer wiring

    A question if I may before I dive in. I have an old gravity fed CH system which thanks to members here in the past - works very well. It has a Danfoss Randal 3060 programmer that has died. I have the original installation docs for the programmer - and it shows 7 terminals plus the earth. In the...
  5. R

    Plug in replacement for Danfoss FP715SI

    I want to change my Heat Pump Programmer which is currently A Danfoss FP715SI. I gather the "industry standard" backplate is used for FP715SI and I would like to find a replacement that can just plug in without changing the backplate or rewiring anything. Can anyone advise me of specific models...
  6. D

    Central heating programmer wiring

    I've got a static caravan with a Morco GB24ErP combi boiler, which has a built in tappet style timer for CH. I wish to add a Drayton Wiser system so as to have better control and more importantly be able remotely turn heating on when we are getting close to our holiday home. The boiler has a...
  7. D

    Installing a programmer/timer for an unvented hot water cylinder with dual immersion heaters

    I wasn't sure if this should go in this forum or in the electrical forum but hoping this is the right place. I've got an OSO Direct 20 RD unvented water heater (210 ltrs nominal storage at 2 bars). This is in a 2 bed flat, electricity only. From reading around and looking at the manual I...
  8. Z

    Replacement for Dimplex RX010006 Dual Zone Programmer

    Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out, with no success, what would be a possible replacement for a Dimplex RX010006 Dual Zone with Pilot Wire programmer (which seems impossible to find as a replacement) and I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. I was looking at a...
  9. C

    Will Hive or Nest type controller work with electric convector heating system

    My daughter's one bed flat has 4 Tesy 500w convector heaters, Centaur plus C17 programmer, Grasslin Eco save immersion controller and a two element HW tank. She works very irregular shifts at the hospital so has to constantly change the programmer to suit her shifts and often just leaves it...
  10. Lucid

    Honeywell ST9400C programmer - component faults or something else

    I'm not a heating engineer so please forgive if I get some of the terminology wrong. There's a problem I'm trying to troubleshoot. I have a CH/Water system with a conventional boiler, hot water cylinder, pump, 3-way motorised valve, and a gas boiler. The boiler is an Ideal Icos HE18 (18HE?)...
  11. W

    Honeywell programmer program

    Hi all, Sorry the title should have said problem not program! My Honeywell ST6400C central heating and hot water programmer has just gone wrong. I took it off the base plate and cleaned out the dust then put it back and pressed reset.Now I can set the date and time and programme in the heating...
  12. N

    Old Sunvic Programmer/Timer

    I’ve just moved into a house that has a seemingly very old boiler with sunvic programmer that I don’t have the manual for. Wondered if anyone could advise on how to use or where to get a manual? thanks
  13. PeterM7

    British Gas Programmer - Odd features

    Can Anyone advise: My unit is set to 6:15 to 22:00 every day for both HW and CH, But if I look at it in the middle of the night I have noticed that the HW is ON. It doesn't appear in the settings at these times c 01:15 and 02:00 so why is it doing it. Another trivial factor about this device...
  14. B

    British Gas DCP programmer - Clock setting

    Have the BG DCP controller which, although via a rather irritating block system, works OK but has progressively lost time so that the time setting is 15 mins slow. Nothing in the pathetic little user guide tells you how to alter this, and the British Gas website make no reference to the...
  15. T

    Replacing a Smiths Timeguard ETU8000

    My old Smiths immersion heater timer has packed up so I've bought a Drayton Lifestyle Dual Channel Programmer (LP522) to replace it (with a view to also using it for our CH system in future). the problem is that the old timer simply has one incoming LNE feed cable in and one LNE out to the...
  16. M

    Programmer - gravity or pumped?

    Hi Just replacing my 2 channel programmer as the old one has failed. New one is a Danfoss Randall FP715SI (previous Sunvic select 207 XL). On the back of the new one (and old) are 4 binary switches, one to select gravity or pumped system. We have a Potterton statesman oil-fired boiler, the...
  17. F

    Foolproof CH & HW programmer

    Can anyone recommend a really straight-forward simple programmer for my elderly parents who need a replacement. It's probably going to need to be analogue unless there is something special designed for old folks. Many thanks
  18. S

    Understanding Heating Controls and Thermostat

    Hi, I'm currently having issues with my central heating system (oil boiler) following replacement of an old programmable controller and room thermostat. I have some electrical knowledge as an electrician but not specific to heating and controls. So the basics; I have an oil boiler located in...
  19. B

    Boiler wiring help wanted, please; Vokera Linea 28HE to Drayton LP711

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could just confirm that I have the right wiring setup to let me install a Drayton LP711. My boiler is a combi Vokera Linea 28HE. It currently does not have a time clock. To turn the heating on I select Winter in the mode selector. Hot water is on demand always on...
  20. C

    Boiler programmer

    Hi, my old combi boiler's programmer is on the boiler it self. The boiler sits in the loft room so not very convenient to access. Is it possible to install a modern digital programmer which can be wired in to the existing boiler control panel? Does it require an expert service or can be done DIY?