1. G

    Help please mould under loose bathroom tiles

    Hi, I have some loose bathroom tiles near the shower that we're actually growing mushrooms from, and they were also growing on the other side of the wall. They have been up over 20 years. Will letting the wall dry out, spraying with diluted bleach and re tiling be sufficient or should I do...
  2. joyful88

    Leaking into loft by chimney

    We noticed a leak by our chimney in the loft a few months ago when it rains. We have had the ridge tiles replaced and a new chimney cap placed to try and solve the issue. The next suggestion is repointing the chimney, though it’s not very obvious that this needs doing. Is there any other...
  3. T

    How to trim/hide handmade mexican tile edges

    Planning to tile halfway up my kitchen window, I want to tile inside the recess but how to negotiate the external corner has me stumped. Absolutely cannot find any such thing as a bullnose mexican tile in the UK and I feel like a metal or plastic trim would ruin the handmade aesthetic... How to...
  4. T

    Does dot and dabbing plasterboard onto brick need screws too?

    Hello. I have used dot and dab to put some plasterboard onto a brick wall so I can tile it. Is it possible to tile onto the board without screwing the board into the wall? Does dot and dab hold some decent weight? I'm only putting subway tiles on
  5. N

    LED strip inside tiled pockets/recess

    I don't understand the correct way to go about installing an LED strip into a pocket or recess. Tiler, a pro, very clean work has no simple solution either. What would really help is an 8mm tile trim with a wide "span" (not sure of correct term). 2cm is not enough to play with (that's NOT what...
  6. N

    UFH which one best for wooden and concrete floor?

    Hi All, Need expert's ideas. I am extending the house, I would like to go with water-based under-floor heating. The total floor area is 85 sqm and going to use tiles on top of it. I have 50% wooden sub floor (existing floor) and 50% concrete sub floor (new extension). 1. Can someone suggest...
  7. P

    Sealing engraved ceramic tiles

    Hi Anyone ever tried engraving ceramic tiles? I have just engraved a pattern on a glazed ceramic tile on a CNC machine with a diamind drag bit, should the surface be sealed and if so, what should be used. The one I have done will be used as a trivet, but I would like to create some more for...
  8. N

    Tiles Nail it or not?

    Hi all, I’m replacing my roof. Attached are my roof tiles. When installing roofer didn’t nailed any of those to battens. Sati that these kind of tiles no need nailing. And in future replacement will be easy. is that correct? Do we mail it? Bit confused.
  9. B

    Mansard roof - blown flashing & missing tiles

    Hi - thanks in advance for any help. With respect to the attached photo, it is from an apartment I am in the process of buying. The surveyor noted the missing tiles etc and said it urgently needs repairing. It is from a 4 storey apartment block with a flat roof and it looks like you can get...
  10. M

    Best Epoxy Grout to use please? for wetroom.

    Hi all, Just finished, tanked and tiled the wet room. Would like to use epoxy grout. Does anyone have any recommendations, please? I have all the cleaning at hand because of the haze epoxy causes on surfaces, so ready for. I just need something waterproof and resistant with a reasonable...
  11. R

    Reinforcing hanging tiles and putting them back

    Dear DIYNot forums members, The recent hurricane has blown some hanging tiles away from the side of my house and I would like to put them back in a way that will be more secure (the tiles have damaged cars parked on the drive). Would it be a good idea to secure the tiles with the No More...
  12. Moonhead

    Broken Asbestos Vinyl Tiles

    Hi all We're planning on pulling up the living room carpet in our old house (late 1800s). I've pulled the corner up by the hearth to see what was beneath and there's some charming blue 50/60s vinyl tiles. They're pretty bashed about and I pulled the corner up from the other side of the room...
  13. KanielDemp

    Heavy Loft Condensation

    Hi all I hope you're all keeping well This is my first post and I'm hoping to get some advice on a case of extreme condensation in my loft. I've read the various threads I could find, but wanted to get your take on the solutions I've been offered by several roofers before taking the plunge. I...
  14. B

    Minimum Roof Angles 15 - 20 degrees Tiles

    Hello Basically I would like to use those ACME Sandstorm tiles that 1930's homes have, as it's in keeping with character, etc etc on a extension, but I would like to have a pitch between 15 to 20 degrees, not sure yet on exact angle. But I am unsure if planning will allow such a low pitch...
  15. S

    Plasterboard or tile backer board - experts needed??

    Evening, I am stripping and recreating my bathroom as my disabled daughter needs a walk-in-shower with supports, rather than just the over-the-bath shower we have at the moment. The bathroom is VERY small, so space is everything. I have stripped back all the tiles, plaster and render back to...
  16. C

    Velux fitted just under ridge tiles - is this right?

    Can anyone confirm if this is good practice. Roofer has just replaced glass in roof with velux window but he has fitted it so ridge tiles are immediately above rather than a row of tiles then ridge tiles. We asked him to move it down but he has advised its ok? Should I insist before paying him?
  17. D

    Which face of Aquapanel Interior boards faces out (takes the tiles) ?

    One side is rough, the other is smooth, with the brand name, batch No. printed on. I've put up stud to enclose a new bath on 3 sides, time to put the Knauf boards on. The obvs is that the rough face will grip the cls better. So which face takes the tiles?
  18. R

    Extending bathroom wall tiles and moving tile trim

    Dear DIYNot forum members, Hope that you are doing well in this difficult time! I was hoping to ask you for some advice before taking on the task of extending an existing bathroom tiles! Basically, I would like to add another column of tiles to the left of the existing ones. 1) Is it safe to...
  19. Rob broom

    Mortar mix for Ridge Tiles and Verge's

    Hi there. Can anyone give me any tips on installing Rounded Ridge tiles to my new build please? I've heard that its better to use sharp sand. Can anyone confirm the mortar mix ratio and any additives? How do you pack underneath the gaps/joins to ensure mortar doesn't drop endlessly onto the...
  20. Rob Farley

    Shower Enclosure gone rotten

    Hi, apologies if this is the wrong section. I'm in a bit of a pickle, our shower has started leaking, a lot, and it looks like there had been a small leak for a while that soaked through the grout (or round it) and destroyed the plasterboard behind it, this in turn allowed movement which made...