Constant Tamper Fault on Honeywell PIR

19 Nov 2016
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United Kingdom

We have a Honyewell Accenta G4 system setup in our house with control panel, 6 x PIR and 3 x door contacts.

A few months ago we were having occasional issues of two of the PIRs setting off the alarm with a tamper fault. I checked ALL of the wiring on both the PIR ends and the Control Panel and all was correct and solid.

So eventually i put a loop into the tamper circuit on the control panel just on the PIRs so that i would effectively turn off the tamper just for the interal PIRs.

It was then all fine for months.

Then yesterday the alarm was set off again at 5am with a tamper fault on one of the internal PIRs, which should not be possible.

Does anyone know what i should do?

I will check the wiring again and will look into replacing the PIR or maybe even replacing the Circuit Board in the control panel.

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how do you know it was from one of the pirs, given that you linked out a global tamper?


Thanks for your reply. I know it's one specific PIR, as the keyboard says Tamper Fault Connection #3 on the screen.

Connection #3 is a single PIR.

The false alarms have always been either Connection #3 and #5 which are both internal PIRs.

We've never had faults with either keyboard or either bell box which are on seperate tamper circuits.

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Didn't think the accenta did eol on each zones ? So how your getting a tamper on a certain zone is a mystery?
I am struggling to understand how you could loop out tampers in the alarm panel for a specific device.

the way alarm panels work is they use a
:global tamper (normally closed) the tampers from each device linked in series (this will not give a device specific tamper error)
:a zone alarm and zone tamper (double pole) this will give a separate zone tamper.
:resistors, two wires like normally closed but the resistances are used to determine if a zone is in alarm or in tamper. this will give a separate tamper.
Didn't think the accenta did eol on each zones ? So how your getting a tamper on a certain zone is a mystery?


I have looked on the system Log again, and maybe i was wrong.

If is saying "F" under zone 3 and everything else including TP is set at 0.
okay, so all this tells me is zone 3 was the first to trigger and only zone 3.

so you set the alarm on an evening and where are zones 3 and 5 located?

Zone 3 is in the middle of the house (living room). All externals doors have contacts and there is no way to get to that without passing other rooms / PIRs.

So F doesn't mean fault??
the answer according to manual is not, if any subsequent zones are activated it is didplayed as a 1.

so zone 3 followed by zone 5 would be;-

12345678 TP
00F01000 00

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