consumer unit mcb values

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Shouldn't that be called "hatbrim"?
Surely "hat top" would be the equivalent.

"Plug top" is especially stupid because, unlike "hat tops" or "hat brims", the "plug tops" actually have a top which comes off.
This presumably is the "plug top top".

Before anyone remembers, I have previously said, in regard to the transformer argument, that if a manufacturer calls a product whatever then that must be what it is.
However, "plug top", for the whole plug is just silly.
Most things have a top, whether it is removable or not.

I think I will sell my house top and move.
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It is just the natural variance of the English Language, which has even absorbed some Chinese words such as "Chow Mein" and "Renminbi" and "Dimsum" and "Pinyin".....
In the trade, they are called plug tops.

And so that's what you ask for, otherwise it turns into a Two Ronnies sketch.

Nobody knows why they're called that, but they've been called that for many, many decades.

As regards to the original question. It's an 80s house, no doubt quite small and thrown up in a few weeks.

If the circuits aren't
Cooker 30A
Sockets 30A
Immersion 15A
Lighting 5A
I'll eat my hat.

dont bother
i think you are right...there is no electric cooker now..just oven and we are going over to all gas hob and oven..(gas hob at present)
sockets ...cheers...i will be doing a socket faceplate change so i can see which one of those 30's are the one its a combi you think it may be on the 15 one now

i will be doing my sherlock holmes act when a good day comes along...its darkish most days just now
and kill each circuit progressively and check what may be the reason for it

brilliant post...

i googled plugtop fuses and got the ones fitted into my plugs...i wonder if the term really should be capped top fuse....the metal being the plug

whoa! shut up geof

in fact what would be the problem fitting one of these instead of a cartridge fuse of 5A rating its a combi you think it may be on the 15 one now
Possible, if the new boiler was fitted in a convenient location to use the old immersion heater feed. Just pull that fuse and see if the boiler stops working......

in fact what would be the problem fitting one of these instead of a cartridge fuse of 5A rating
You mean a fuse intended to fit a 13A plug in your consumer unit?

The fuses for plugs are to BS1362, while those for the consumer unit are BS1361. They're different physical sizes.

The BS1362 fuses for plugs are all the same size from 1A right up to 13A since they all have to fit the same fuse clips in a BS1363 plug. The BS1361 fuses are different sizes depending upon value. While the 5A isn't far off the size of a BS1362 fuse, it's still different.
If you are going to do a job properly…
You and BAS can like it or lump it, but plug top is a perfectly accepted term to most sparkies and wholesalers etc.
And you could grow a sense of responsibility to society and take every opportunity to tell those who use it that it is not an acceptable term.

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