consumer unit mcb values

Sponsored Links its a combi you think it may be on the 15 one now
Possible, if the new boiler was fitted in a convenient location to use the old immersion heater feed. Just pull that fuse and see if the boiler stops working......

in fact what would be the problem fitting one of these instead of a cartridge fuse of 5A rating
You mean a fuse intended to fit a 13A plug in your consumer unit?

The fuses for plugs are to BS1362, while those for the consumer unit are BS1361. They're different physical sizes.

The BS1362 fuses for plugs are all the same size from 1A right up to 13A since they all have to fit the same fuse clips in a BS1363 plug. The BS1361 fuses are different sizes depending upon value. While the 5A isn't far off the size of a BS1362 fuse, it's still different.

just what i needed to know...i saw in an earlier post something along the same lines
so i will be careful to get a BS1361 5A..and the others once i have rationalised what circuits are needed
think one of the 30's may be out..
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If your boiler is on a 15A fuse, you could extend the circuit and fit other sockets to it. Then if you do get a new board, it could be upgraded to 20A.
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If your boiler is on a 15A fuse, you could extend the circuit and fit other sockets to it. Then if you do get a new board, it could be upgraded to 20A.

thanks very much...looking closely at where the new combi an airing strikes me there must have been a storage tank and so an immersion attached to it to heat the water
the cooker unit has a switch...cooker on and a socket
now its a gas cooker...soon to be a hob and oven...which could be on one of the 30A circuits
the only electricity required now and when the new hob and oven installed would be for the gas ignition
should that circuit have a smaller fuse put into the holder if that is the case?
the kitchen has 3 double sockets around the worktops and one single below the worktop for where a washing machine was
in addition i have found a twin switched socket in a floor unit next to the built in fridge...and a on off switch in the wall cupboard next to the cooker hood...which controls the supply to it

its going to be fun checking all these out when i shut down the power to see what is what

if you just have a gas cooker, the old circuit can be used. You should find a cooker outlet, probably on the wall below the big switch, or in the wall behind the cooker. You can connect a 13Amp socket here, and plug your cooker into that (if it is a gas cooker it will probably arrive with a flex and fused plug). The better UK brands of socket, such as Crabtree, MEM or MK are better than budget brands. In your case you do not need a switched socket because you have the big switch on the wall.

If you photograph your cooker outlet we may have further suggestions. It is useful to retain the cooker circuit because you might one day get an electric or dual-fuel cooker.

Some single electric ovens can be run off a plug and socket, others, and all double electric ovens, and electric hobs. require a hard-wired connection because they draw more than 13Amps and must not be connected to a socket circuit.
i have moved into a 1988 2 bed bungalow, and the consumer unit has 4 mcb's for the house circuits

the values are...30-30-15-5 amps

i am going to find out which circuits are relevant for the 2-30's and assume the 15 is lighting
what could be on the 5 amp mcb

there is a socket in one of the kitchen wall units for the hob extractor?
there is a socket in one of the kitchen base units for the fridge?
there is a central heating gas boiler?


the fitters are coming in to do my new kitchen and will be shutting off the power for a bit and the gas

i have sourced mcb's which are proteus parts to replace my proteus consumer units cartridge fuses.

as mentioned there are only 4 to change as listed above 30/30/15/5

in hope i ask, please

some help in changing them as to how they are fixed

the power will be off completely and i think i may have about 3 hours till the fitters have installed the wiring for my hob and oven, fridge

looking forward to your replies

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