Cutting Bin Collections

11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
Dunno about others, but my council have cut back on the frequency of bin collections.
The green bins (with garden and food waste) are not being collected at all (save for one collection at the end of this month). Strangely, we still have to put food waste in the general waste bin, which means it fills up quicker.
The paper bin is being collected 4 weekly, instead of every 2.

Now, given that most people are now (because of lockdown) eating the vast majority (if not all) of their food at home, there is more waste created, but it is being collected less frequently.
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I'm not complaining!
Just commenting. And wondering if other councils are doing the same.
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You can put a lot of food waste on your compost heap, such as veg peelings, egg shells and much more.
Yes, no food collection here but everything else the same - collection every 2 weeks. Saw a bin man neighbour the other night, he looked shattered. Been getting up at half 3 to start work he told me due to lack of staff and longer rounds.. Doing a stellar job around here imo.
All the recycling centres in this area (Edinburgh) are closed. Garden waste collection has been stopped, for the time being.
If you put any food waste other than potato peelings and other veg off cuts into your compost, you will almost certainly get animals with long tails.
Burning waste has been banned here to protect air quality for those shielding and self-isolating who need to have windows open.

Here too.

Banned here too, due to fire risk
Yet a council nearby has built a massive incinerator which is used by at least 4 different councils, with houses less than 1/4 mile from it, and it can be smelt at least a mile away, so I cannot see a justifiable reason, or is it just another case of do as I say, not as I do ?
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