Cutting Bin Collections

houses less than 1/4 mile

Not within a few yards, then.

and I bet it has an efficient furnace, a tall chimney, and particle traps.

Not piling up the rubbish in a heap on the ground.

So, in all, quite different.
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The stupid thing is that the councils have needlessly shut the tips, so waste is being dumped all over the place.
Yes I mean anti-social like any kind of smoke. Cigarette smoke, barbecue smoke, bonfire smoke. While people have to protect themselves indoors from a virus that attacks the lungs and the only fresh air they can get is through an open window, it's unbelievably selfish and inconsiderate to burn anything.
Which is why IF I was going to burn anything, it will be late evening/night, and not on a sunny afternoon when people have washing out or relaxing in the garden, unlike selfish oafs who , as soon as the sun pokes its head out, spark up the barbie and pi55 all and sundry off. Cig smoke I don't mind, can't stand vapeing , may pass on virus .
B'ham has a garden waste collection service. A pay for one though. Lots of trees in streets in some areas so rather useful. ;) Some people are surprised how green it is in places. Those who don't pay might be regretting it now if the tips are closed. It was free for several years.

Seems they compost it all and sell it. Need to add or did. The charge may mean they don't any more.
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