Embarrassed ?

markie said:
Moz said:
come on... the sad monkies brigade ..dont back out now you know

I will get you lads laid ,..........

:LOL: :LOL: there's only one monkey, :LOL:

Hey Markie...do monkey-wrenches come from Hartlepool :?: :?: :?:
Did a certain local plumber invent them...he's old enough, right? :LOL:
Er....I'd better be careful or MOD 2'll 'av me!
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Good to see you round, Mlb...still playin him like a fiddle? ;)

I tell you what though...they sure taught those monkey hangers some stuff about plumbing :D *noodlz's tongue turns a shade of brown*

be aware :LOL:
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36...but dont look it ....lol Yeah ...Right ..lol...lol..lol..lol...lol...lol..:)

as said In younger company out on the Razzle dazzle dont mention/bore them with online forums an any other rubbish from the net ,

they may bring it up ,an chat about a vid from you tube or some my space board stuff, just nod an agree , dont go into a rant on immigration or the state of the Govt,
stick too things they are interested in like women , football, drugs ,Drink, music , Women , DRINK ...

On NO account in a club try too dance with the young teen girls with your Bobby charlton comb over flying about an your white John Travolta suit flapping about , you will look like an escaped paedo nutter , an the Yorkshire Ripper beard has to go too..lol
If you do get a chance to speak too a young teen lass, try looking at her face as you do, an not her chest , an the "sid the sexist" comments only work if youre
a Premier Footballer
A Fit Young Adonis ..
Lottery winner

If the other young guys "cop off" who have taken you out for the night ,
dont get all bitter an twisted an mess it up for them , take yourself to the bar an go chat up a lady your own age ,
If that fails I hear you can get Roppies for a fiver ...lol :) :)
markie said:
gcol said:
markie said:
kevplumb said:
the problem is YER UGLY bonny lad :LOL: :LOL:

Ugly :eek: when women see me it's like the river tyne has bursts it's banks, my shoes are soaken by the end of the night. :LOL: :LOL: ;)
Pi ss their self laughing eh? ;)

How did you know, :lol here's me thinking it was something else, :cry: :LOL:
C'mon - someone else's turn to find a suitable picture on Google...
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