Expanded ULEZ

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Its quite difficult to prove someone doesn't have sec 5 defence of lawful authority when sec 5, does not require the defence to be reasonably held.
Its quite difficult to prove someone doesn't have sec 5 defence of lawful authority when sec 5, does not require the defence to be reasonably held.
Do you think it is lawful to carry out the damage seen to cameras, signs and vans?
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Lawful protest?
I can’t keep up with all his drivel. He must literally do nothing else.
Still busy pointing the stone wall. I couldn't do much for the last three days, so I was cutting and choping wood for the winter.
Spent last week in UK, mostly London on legal business.
So I'm still keeping busy.

But I don't need to descend into misrepresenting the law to support my arguments.
He's quite correct, social media, including this site, do abdicate their responsibility for the torrent of false narratives, abuse and even the occasional support and encouragement to commit criminal damage.
Unless it's something you support of course. Then it becomes good.
Why didn't you make it clear you was Bobby Dazzler when you was talking to yourself in that post then?
So you was Bobby Dazzler on here and you now feature as roy bloom on here?
I've told you I was 75, and you don't believe me. If I told you I was a 21 year old transgender, Muslim, homosexual immigrant with dwarfism, and several already think I'm mentally ill, you'd love to believe all that.
So it's pointless me confirming or denying anything, you'll believe whatever you want to.
You can't hide your style of writing, I'm at a loss why you can't tell the truth.
If you'd rather keep on driving around London and coughing up a lung, go ahead; otherwise...

Analysis of data gathered using cutting-edge methodology – including detailed satellite images and measurements from more than 1,400 ground monitoring stations – reveals a dire picture of dirty air, with 98% of people living in areas with highly damaging fine particulate pollution that exceed World Health Organization guidelines. Almost two-thirds live in areas where air quality is more than double the WHO’s guidelines.

Some towns and cities across Europe, including London and Milan, are making strides to tackle air pollution, from the introduction of ultra-low emissions zones to traffic reduction schemes and walking and cycling initiatives. But experts say politicians must act with more urgency in light of the growing evidence of harm.

The data was compiled by academics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute as part of the EU-funded Expanse project. They used a combination of sources, from high-resolution satellite data to pollution monitoring stations and information about land use, to model annual average PM2.5 levels across Europe in 2019.


...in other news; the PM considers watering down Green initiatives in years to come.
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