Is this a decent price for a Complete Bathroom Refurb


The tiles on the bath panel aren't level and the tiles on the sill edge don't look great. I also hope they are coming back to tidy up the floor to wall edges.
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Like the cute little signs on the sill reminding you what to do in there.

Where's the one for over the khazi saying 'DUMP'?

White pvc skirting would finish it off imo.
Wonder if any access was left to the bath trap?
Neat edge tiling with a neat bead of a suitable colour silicone sealant.
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Come on then, westyuk1, tell us you gave him a £500 bonus for doing such a cracking job and because you felt embarrassed at not paying the appropriate amount for such work :!:
Thanks for the genuine replies. 'GavThePlumber' I wasn't asking for another quote, just if the price was generally fair, clue was in the title... Undistilled, I said there was a load of issues I wont bother going into, that's why I wouldn't use him again.
Job looks pretty good for the money. I know someone who's just been quoted about 6K for a bathroom not much bigger than that.
Nice towel rack, where'd you get it from?
Hope there's easy access to maintain the WC cistern.

You can normally get to the flush valve and remove it completely when you remove the chrome cover plate, you can usually service the fill valve as well.
Regardless of whether it seems a 'fair' price for the work done, or not I would say that adding that amount onto the bill at the end is a little underhand and not what you would expect from a family friend. You're right to question this and I would personally ask him for a thorough breakdown of 'extra' costs incurred. Looks like he might have plucked a number from thin air as he thought he could get away with it.

Maybe cynical, but that's my opinion!
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