Moving the main supply cable

21 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
Having a new staircase put in and typically the main electrical supply cable and fuse is right in the way.

Comes up though the wooden floor and is high up on the wall (so there is plenty of cable to play with). I just need it moved about 3ft over to the right (so it will be under the stairs)

Im currently with British Gas for my supply so do I need to contact them or who if not please?

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Western Power and they want a grand + Vat!!! Daylight robbery
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Doesn't even need a hole, just a floorboard removed and the cable moved 3 ft to the right - there's more than enough of it there to do that
As you are unable to isolate it you could be tempted to do yourself but very dangerous if something went wrong.
Unlikely it will be done that way - live cables are not normally moved at all.

More likely is that it will be cut at a convenient point, a new cable installed to the new location and then jointed to the old one.
I thought electricians moved ply backer boards all the time (ie shift the meter and main fuse board a few inches assuming theres enough play on the incoming armoured cable)

Mine did last month anyway.
Potentially it's a dangerous thing to do, particularly with the older, stiffer cable.

No one here would advise doing such a thing, particularly on a DIY forum.

Only a grand and a bit, you can't take it with you!
Dont worry, definitely not tempted to do it myself! Cant see why they would want to install a new cable though, are they not flexible to some degree? The floor just needs lifting and the existing cable run under to the new location (there's more than enough slack to do so). Here's a picture
Here's a picture
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Assuming you did do it yourself (and I'm NOT suggesting you do), how would you do it?

You effectively have a wire coming up through the floor and behind the 'case with a big board on the end of it.

Or is there a big gap between the wall and the 'case?
Stairs aren't there yet. The supply is in a cupboard that's being taken out and the stairs are then going in as shown . That's why I want it moved prior
Moan about it as much as you like - it is still going to cost you what they say it will.

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