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Annoyingly they can test the boilers, it's just too expensive for them.

Interesting. I presume they still test cars themselves? My Dad was/is a Which? subscriber, has been/was for many years, but have to say he didn't always follow their recommendations. Which? consistently gave Fiat cars a bad rep, he's still got a Fiat now. :LOL:
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I know someone who had a ferolli installed because WHICH recommended it, says it all really
@vulcancontinental David I am starting to see a lot more Atags around here and have to say they are growing on me, good quality I like them, not the smallest or prettiest but decent kit
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When did they do that?
was ages ago the one with the two pumps cant remember the model, dumped after about 5 years I think, to be fair was a local company who are well known for poor installations and it was in the loft and system was constantly leaking, they just kept turning up and putting leak sealer in, so boiler never really had a chance
There is some excellent advice above, the best bit is get the installer right and let him look after you and the boiler. ,,,,,,

I have previously fitted my own boilers - just had gas engineer to connect up gas ... so don't have a preferred installer. (this time will get someone in for the job)
I take out an annual contract with a major company ... annual service, and parts & labour on any fault.
Though I could look at independent.
Been given the names of a few guys in Swansea area.
Merchants very rarely know any more about the products

I was only really going on volume, they ship more Baxi Duo-Tech than anything else, and they here good things from installers about Worcester.

However keen to consider Intergas. (never heard of this make)
Had an initial read ... (not complete), efficiency seems low compared to competitors, (88% compared to 94%), surprised they also have a copper/aluminium heat sink .... (those 2 metals never a good mix) but don't know much about it (yet) maybe they don't 'touch'. I thought current best practice was a Stainless Steel heat sink ?
I have reached out to Intergas Shop ... so be good to see what they come back with.
+vote for the ATAG, I have a 24Kw (26?) system boiler, and it's great. Runs unvented DHW system and part wet UFH part rads. Works without complaint from the smallest summer DHW load to the biggest winter balls-to-the-wall high load.

I work for a manufacturer which do not get a high rating on WHICH but when they did test boilers years ago came out as most reliable I'm told. We know the truth.

I suggested find a social housing estate and each manufacturer can donate a boiler for their own installer to fit, so no cost to them, no interest as I guess no control on the outcome.
As has been said

Find the installer who's right for you.

Let them earn your trust then let them choose the boiler. The type of installer you want is one that on the geeky side of plumbing, the type that gets all excited about the prospect of installing a decent bit of kit.

Richard from the evohome shop based in mid Wales deals with a lot of these types and being Wales based might be able to point you in the direction of a decent installer.

Even a ferroli is a reliable option if the right installer is chosen (I had a ferroli at my last house, original installer made a right balls up of the installation, after much time spent researching and fixing the bodges myself and then getting the leaks sorted by a pro I never had a problem for the next 4 years just servicing till I sold the house). Their new helix blue range of boilers are meant to be quite good, problem is no one will touch them so don't get installed.

Also didn't you say your mate was an installer?
Anybody? Any of his disciples know what happened to him?

Razor is still about.

Think Dan has likely stopped posting due constant abuse from forum members on here whom purposely be obtuse in an effort to be obstructive for no reason.

Is a shame as when I was researching Dan, razor, Vulcan , and muggles imo are the most informative guys on here. The information on various boiler related issues not just intergas but heating controls, filters etc they were spot on. It's a shame childish forum members have to be so difficult and insist on willy waving at every given opportunity to try and impress their self perceived prowess.
If they were that reliable, they wouldn't need 350 engineers running around the country 7 days a week, 364 days of the year, keeping them going. Reasonable to assume those engineers are doing 4-5 jobs a day each. You do the maths...

Again, misinformed facts from you.

Are you under the impression that they all are doing guarantee work
I have had a lot of issues with Explosive ignition on my boiler ... relayed here ...

After another load of parts - flue, fan, gas valve, more boards, new burner(again), burner door (again) ... and boiler still has very loud explosions on startup, and frequent lock-out. SSE have suggested changing boiler .... they offer £500 discount.
Their price is still not good .... so may get it done elsewhere.

If I did this I need a 30kW standard boiler, a Worcester 30Ri or 8000 Life seem good boilers, but are they worth 25% the price premium over a Baxi 430 or 630 ?
First, what is this Barcelona heating? Barcelona? Quite old now. My inclination is go for an Intergas, but await your response.

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