Old Conservatives don't understand

15 Nov 2005
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...or care.

This is why.

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"The extent to which young people tend to vote more for leftwing parties and older people for conservatives is often overstated. For all the talk of Donald Trump’s toxicity to America’s diverse youth, almost 40 per cent of 20-something US voters backed him in 2020, and the same share plan to do so this November. More than a third of young adults voted for the right in the most recent elections in France, Germany and Spain. There is generally an age gradient, to be sure, but its steepness is often exaggerated.

Britain today requires no such caveat. While the Tories have slumped with almost all demographics, the near-complete desertion of Rishi Sunak’s party by young Britons is astonishing. According to the latest polling, only one in 10 under-40s will vote Conservative at the next election."

"Numbers like these are almost unprecedented. How did one of the world’s most successful political parties slide to the brink of generational wipeout?

The single most important factor is the dramatic breakdown of upward social mobility in the UK, which has hit young Britons much harder than their contemporaries elsewhere in the developed world.

We tend to talk about the decline in young adults’ home ownership as if it were a universal phenomenon. This is wrong. The share of 25-to-34-year-olds who own their own home in the US is six percentage points lower today than it was in 1990. In Germany it’s down eight points, in France just three, but in Britain the drop is 22 points. It’s a similar story with incomes, where Britons in their thirties are tracing the same trajectories as their forebears while Americans are leaving theirs in the dust."
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Next time you meet a young person, try saying that to them, and see if it helps them buy a house, or get a permanent job with a decent pension.
The best jobs are always ones you create yourself.

But the chart clearly shows the decline happened under Tony Blair's watch and has improved since. Good Job @JohnD.

Another way to look at the data:
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The period that shows the dramatic slide was under a Labour goverment, maybe you need to change your headline.
Good to see you Con supporters think Rishi is headed for a landslide victory at the forthcoming election.

Don't read the article I quoted, you won't like it.
The problem with NEW labour is that they are more tories than the tories. That is why everthing went even further down the pan after thatcher and the unions destroyed this country. Starmer is new labour so him and his party will not change anything. I sincerely hope sunak comes a massive cropper in the next elections but I honestly cannot see any other party doing any better. Sunak and his lot have to go because there are huge underlying hidden agenders whilst sunak and co are in charge. I believe that enoch powell's speech could well come to fruition in the near future.
We are miles behind other leading economies after 14 years of the Tories. But nothing to do with them.
That may be true, but the home ownership figure from John is showing home ownership among 25-35s dropped from 56% in 1997 to 37% in 2010 when the Tories came to power, and since then has improved slightly, Labour are the ones to blame for this decline not the Tories.
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