Should we have a Politics sub-forum


17 May 2012
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United Kingdom
Couldn't reply to the last thread as it was locked before I hit send, so here:


I think its good to have an "other stuff" forum, but this is just a political trollbot hangout, increasingly. To be honest, if none of us responded to the trollbot posts, and only responded to other stuff posts, GD would improve no end.

I suggested a while ago that maybe there should be a politics sub-forum under general, so general can be for normal chat. Too easy to get drawn into discussions that don't really do much to improve my day!

New sub-forum could cover politics, brexit, race issues, gender issues, class issues etc., and general can be for the sorts of things most of us would normally talk about with friends and family. If anything crosses the line, it can quickly be relegated to the sub-forum.

A general forum is good for the forum in that it gives regular members something to do, but it can also pose issues for a forum if it is perceived to be too political - new members might be put off joining, or even asking for help and advice, if they see loads of arguments about racism, politics and the like.

It could even be made for members only.
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Nice idea, but problem is that many a discussion ends up being political anyway. So not sure it would work?
yep on other forums they have a Brexit, politics and even a conspiracy sub-forum. keeps the general discussion on topics where we are all less partisan.

I do genuinely think some posters think they will convince people to change how they vote, if they post enough garbage up - delusional.
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