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If I cooed a meal, say in a frying pan, called it tandori and sold that meal as tandori, it would be cultural appropriation, because it is not cooked in a tandori style.

Is that why they called it a hamburger because someone had already invented the beef burger.
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Hamburger came first.

There is nowhere called Beefburg.

It was President Kennedy who said "Ich bin ein Beefburger". :)

What about.

Do they call them Chicken wings because:
Somebody from Buffalo already invented Buffalo wings. ???
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Geographic "trade marks" are very much an EU thing - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), though they exist at a WTO level too. This is probably something president trump hasn't got round to having a beef with yet. But in summary the Americans don't tend to protect things the same way. For example Monetary Jack Cheese isn't protected.

Its very much like registering a trade mark. Once the usage is generic or common, it can't be protected (e.g. Pilates, Karate, Yoga). If its very specific, it can be. Nobody likes to get a trade mark removed as it can bankrupt you.

Culturally the US tends to like protecting brands rather than manufacturing locations as they probably like being able to make things in other locations. Obviously with Champaign (for example) that would never do.
But in summary the Americans don't tend to protect things the same way.

However they make an exception for hormone injected / chlorinated meat.
(soon to be appearing in Brexit Britain)

Along with GM foods and selling sterile crop seeds...

Protection only matters as long as it makes a profit!
We aren't Squeaky clean in the EU
No-one is 'squeaky clean'!

However when we were in the EU decision making process at least we had a voice in the biggest trading bloc in the world...

How do you think the UK will fare against Uncle Sam when it comes down to that post Brexit deal?
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