UK Poverty 2024 "A disgrace"

15 Nov 2005
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"The Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on poverty in the UK shows 3 in every 10 children in the UK are living in poverty.

The report finds:

The number and proportion of children in poverty rose between 2020/21 and 2021/22, as did overall poverty. There are now 4.2 million children living poverty.
Three in every ten children are in poverty (29%) in 2021/22, an increase from 27% in 2020/21. Around nine in twenty children in lone parent families (44%) lived in poverty, compared with five in twenty of those in couple families (25%).
Children have consistently had the highest poverty rates throughout the past 25 years. Children have higher risks of poverty overall (29% versus 22% for the whole population)
Poverty rates were higher among many minority ethnic groups than they were for white people in the UK. In particular, between 2019/20 and 2021/22, around half of people in Pakistani (51%) and Bangladeshi (53%) households lived in poverty, with even higher poverty levels for children in those households (61% and 62%). In comparison, 25% of children in households headed by someone of white ethnicity were in poverty.
Child poverty rates in Scotland (24%) remain much lower than those in England (31%) and Wales (28%) and are similar (if slightly higher) than in Northern Ireland (22%).
Among people in poverty, food insecurity is most common among children and people in lone-parent families. In 2021/22, more than one in five children in poverty (22%) experienced insecurity, compared with 18% of working-age adults."

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Not a representative sample I know, but my better half works in a primary school in a very deprived area of Liverpool.

Most of the kids in her class would be classed as living poverty. Most of those kids also have multiple siblings, and have parent(s) that really are not suited to being parents.

Sad state of affairs really.
Yes but it’s relative poverty, not poverty as in 3rd world poverty so you can’t irradiate it in a 1st world country
I wonder how many of those living in poverty are imports over the last decade?

None, as according to the roight wingers, these people get four-bed houses - with pools - free cars, and more money than they know what to do with....................... ;)
Correct. Despises the young, those without a job, poor people, foreigners. Horrid.
There are people not of vintage years who despise Brexit voters to the point where they wish they would hurry up and die.
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