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15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
Anyone get stuck in any traffic earlier? Most of south yorkshire ground to a halt between 8 and 10 this morning. A 40 minute journey took me 2 hours. (In an hour and 20 mins i moved about a mile, on out of town A roads crossing J36 M1). The M1 was blocked almost entirely between J31 and J37. Travelling home between 6 and 7, not so bad, but still took me an hour and a half.

The thing is, I travel on roads that NEVER EVER get busy enough to impact on my journey time. (A635 Donc-Darfield, A6195 to M1, Stocksbridge Bypass, for those who know the area) Yes, they get busy, and i might have to do 40 on a 60 road etc, but today everything just stopped.

Have people forgotten how to drive in the rain?! Major surface spray on the way home, when it eased up i still only did 40 because of all the standing water, and there were "invisible" puddles, because the road was covered in a gloss sheet of water and you couldnt make them out.

I was an hour late for work and the shop decided to start its self-destruct sequence today! A ceiling tile caved in because ther was water on top of it. Old plasterboard tile, been sagging for a while. It revealed an electrical junction box which had been sitting in the water on top of the ceiling tile. Even got tide marks on it etc :eek:

Anyone else have probs?
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I know what you mean Crafty. The country sort of comes to a standstill at the slightest hint of adverse weather and I'm convinced it's because people don't adjust their driving style to suit the weather so accidents happen and roads become obstructed. Obviously there are occasions when the weather itself is guilty of blocking the road but I guess there's nowt we can do about that.

Liverpool was chaos today apparently. There was an explosion at a sub-station in Huyton which knocked out the leccy for a lot of the city, including traffic lights.

I was passing B&Q in Warrington today on my way home from a job and thought I'd drop in to get some more cement for a job on Monday. Couldnt get any because the roof had decided to give way under the weight of the constant 48 hours of rain we've had in the North West. It only gave way right above the cement in building section, soaking their entore stock of cement (eight pallets!) I guess that won't be useable then eh?


Crafty there was flooding in Sheffield and Chesterfield with roads impassable, which meant loads of people trying to find alternative routes. Think that's why it was so slow today.
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