What are you having for breakfast?

27 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
I'm having my weekend favourite - smoked haddock poached in milk, a couple of poached eggs and some toast. Mmmmm.

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You sad bastard. Can you take that discussion to face book please. This is for serious discussion and insults only.

So insult his breakfast then! :LOL:

I had spam, 2 fried eggs, beans, 2 homemade hash browns and a nice big mug of coffee. :)
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I thought Motman's favourite brekkie would be humble pie :)
I had melon, strawberry and blueberries.

Followed by freshly ground filter coffee (bobolink brazilian from Union coffee roasters) with some slices of sour dough bread toasted.

This avo will be BBQ with Pimms :ROFLMAO:
You must be really fat as your eating that stuff day noon and night...
Never get to touch the stuff...

Too many numpties on here have already scoffed the lot...

How's your weight btw? :)
Jumbo rolled oats soaked in water over night. Drained and shaked
High heat in semi skimmed milk until boiling then simmer until soft. Add blue berries and strawburys. A squeeze of Low GI algarve syrup.
4 sausages, 3 rashes of bacon, 2 eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, black pudding, tomatoes, beans, 2 slices of fried halloumi, 2 fried slices and chips. Lashings of brown sauce and ketchup. Mug of builders tea with 4 sugars.
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