What are you having for breakfast?

I'm having my weekend favourite - smoked haddock poached in milk, a couple of poached eggs and some toast. Mmmmm.

Wot! no beans, it isn't a full English without beans.
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I had this morning.

Avocado and Benecol
on Sourdough toast.

Try to be healthy
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CoCo pops at 5.45 and a Subway sausage, onion and ketchup in 20miles time.
Thread resurrection warning. Another fish favourite this morning. Grilled smoked mackerel. White pepper and proper non brewed condiment, home baked bread and butter (bread baked fresh this morning). Mackerel can sometimes repeat on me so after the breakfast, I took the antidote - a nice slice of bread and jam! :mrgreen:

On the left of picture, is the top of the drawer front protruding beyond the worktop or am I seeing the shadow caused by the overhang of the worktop?
2 sticks celery
Handfull spinach
thumb ginger
6grapes or a slice of apple.
450ml water

Wizz up and knock it back wakeup refreshed

3xScrambled egg/ 2slices Rye bread double toasted or Sourdough.
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