What have you been doing today?

Been trying to get a 91 yo in front of a dentist for the last 10 days. Two phone messages left, two phone calls with two different triage dentists, two phone calls with their own dentist, one appointment made then cancelled in favour of referral to emergency dental hub, one phone call with emergency dental hub referring back to own dentist as they don't actually have a diagnosis yet, one course of antibiotics - dose about to be doubled plus adding in second antibiotic. Can't have any painkillers other than paracetamol due to age. And still don't know when it's going to be fixed. Sigh.
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Not showing off, this is our guide in Costa Rica after buying some carrots

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Yes we were on a tour mainly wildlife oriented, we extended by three days on the Pacific coast, I was a bit bored as it was too hot for me and hotel was quite isolated, everywhere else was at altitude so very comfortable
Descaled the shower diverter controls, made lunch, watched telly (Seinfeld), was dozing off when my wife was on her way out to visit her mum, told her I was bored. Thought I heard something like "cut the grass you lazy ****" as she left so I suppose I better do it before she gets back. :whistle:
Beer.Then rail station...off to MCR next week to cycle down the Trent,Canals etc...As an aside...from experience...Takes about 10pints of beerbefore your balance is ferkled and one falls off ones bicycle!...I noticed one year in Gran Canaria.
Popped in to stepdaughters on way to B&Q for some wallpaper. Asked me if I would show her how to put a piece of wallpaper up so she could get it right and do the rest herself.
Two hours later I had papered the whole wall while she popped out for some shopping.
Then went to go shopping but my car had developed a knocking sound at the left rear after running over a sewer chamber lid as I was nearing her road. Decided to take my car back home and borrow my wifes car. As I passed the garage in the village he was tinkering with his own car so popped in and explained situation. Left my car with him to look at on Monday. Collect my wifes car and we go shopping. Too late to go back home and get changed for our steak bar meal so lucky we were already quite presentable. 2 hours in the steak bar where we had a lovely sumptuous meal, (plus I got through 2 carafes of sangria), and now home feeling well fed and watered and just having a bottle of Spitfire to round the day off. :)
Took delivery of a SMART fridge today. I'm still waiting for it to unwrap itself and switch itself on.
The missus is not too happy as it cost a small fortune.
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