What have you been doing today?

Damn it! No :)
our previous house has some concrete laid at the back of the garage with some paw prints of our first black lab immortalised into it. they must have been there for 30 years now. or at least they were still there 3 years ago when by chance I was back in that house.
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our previous house has some concrete laid at the back of the garage with some paw prints of our first black lab immortalised into it.
In the late eighties, a mate of mine did a bit of rendering to the inside wall of my garden. My son, who was only about two or three years old at the time, was watching him and was fascinated. When he'd finished, I lifted my son up and pressed his hand into the render for posterity. When we moved, we split the property, keeping the workshop and yard and selling the house and garden. That section of wall was in the yard bit of the property. Keen eyed students often ask how such a small hand print could be so high up on a wall!

We have the hand print of a kid who used to live here in a patch of concrete adjacent to our drive.
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We were visiting friends in S Wales who lived on a new estate, the house next door was in the build stage, after a few drinks Phil and I walked over to have a look, as we approached the freshly poured concrete floor in the garage he stumbled and left a few footprints in the floor, it was a Friday so no one back on site till Monday, whoops
I like hanging lining paper. It’s thick, easy to work with as long as you soak it, you don’t have to match any pattern and you don’t even have to get it hanging straight. What’s not to like? :p
Tip for you all:
Liberon Danish Oil is so much nicer to work with than Rustins, which is an ultra-sticky nightmare. Especially when using the flood method.
Also, if you're keen on preserving your knuckles: don't use a too-short screwdriver to knock the very-thick skin off a rusty can of oil that needed a can opener on to get the lid off.:rolleyes:

(I think we need a bandage or First Aid emoji.)
Well I've been wallpapering our dressing room today. Paste the wall not the paper. I=The paper went up like a dream. No more soggy paper stretching at different rates in different areas because you didn't get an even coat all over it. Had it all done by half four after starting at 8.00am I'm pleased with it, my wife is very pleased with it so alls well in our household tonight.
Only downside was when I moved the wardrobes away from one wall. I forgot my WIP on a 1:72 scale model of the ship my Dad served on in WWII, (HMS Clematis K36 Flower Class Corvette), was on top waiting for the winter nights so I could carry on building it. As I pulled the wardrobe forward I heard this funny sounding crash behind it. Pulled it forward a bit more and there was the ship looking as though it had been torpedoed. :( Going to take a least a month to get it back to where it was. Oh well, could have been worse, it might have been a bottle of single malt I had hidden from guests.

Not DIY related, but today, I have been disturbed to discover that I'm about the only person I know who prefers beans on her chips.
(If you're a ****ter:
https://www.twitter.com/dottigirl/status/1277624499312242689 )

You are alone no longer! I love my beans over my chips!
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