What's the point of putting a sign up??

15 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
About 18 months ago i was travelling to work along a country road and came across a load of workmen who had closed the road. I contacted the council and asked if it would have been too much trouble to put up some signs warning of the road closure so that i could have planned a different route. She informed me that warning signs go up two weeks in advance so i should have known. I travel the same route every day and had never seen the sign so either this hadn't been done or they'd blown down again (or some clown had taken them down).

Anyway, last week some signs went up on the same stretch of road (why they didn't resurface it all at once i don't know??? :confused: ) which stated 'Road closed HERE Feb 18th - Feb 20th 8am - 6pm. Thats fine, i use the road at approximately 7:45am so in the morning i would be OK but at night i would have to go a different way home for three days. Wednesday and Thursday this week i happily sailed down the road at 7:45ish and there was not a workman in sight, i then used a different road home. This morning i again arrived at the same stretch of road at 7:45am to find it was closed and there was no way through. I then had to back-track 3miles and use a different, longer route to work, making me 20minutes late for work. Why bother putting the signs up, if they're only going to adhere to them for two of the three days??

Hazard a guess that the guys fancied an early finish because its Friday so thought they'd get started early, stuff the consequences for anyone else. Seems Poets day is still alive and well!!
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That's annoying, but you could start to drive 1 mph faster on that road and you'll get those 20 minutes back in no time at all on that smooth new road surface! :LOL:

It could have been a permanent closure: for inexplicable reasons they decided to make a road "buses only" in my old town, which added a mile in distance to my journey, and it was a mile of enormous speedbumps that slowed me to a 2mph crawl every 100 feet. :mad:
You think you are badly done to, we are currently having a road closure with a 7 mile ish diversion for 4 weeks whilst they resurface less than 1 mile of road.
They close the same piece of road at the drop of a hat for railway crossing repairs for weeks at a time, think last time was about 8 weeks.

Some of the road closures around here overnight don't have any diversions in place as for it to be to a certain standard will mean a 141 mile diversion for HGVs!
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