Where is all this PPE equipment and supposed money for the NHS?

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People must have watched that chernoybl

At one point they were with in 3 (?) days of a nuclear thermal explosion that would have rendered most of Ukraine non habitual

With 40 million people displaced

Hmmm I know let's do the right thing and tell the population?

What would have happened??? Had they told the truth
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Jeez us wept

Some in here have suddenly worked out that government's tell porkies

Or don't tell the entire truth :LOL:

Blimey reality has come as a :eek: to them

snow flakes :idea:
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Yeah. I know. At the expense of the rest of the world.
On. The radio just now a private lab in Oxfordshire who are doing tests for 15 surgery's in there area

All. On staff members

They are testing for the presence of the virus

This labs efforts will not show up in any government stastics

20 other private labs in the Area are joinning or have joined the scheme
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