1. A

    Elit 64 Keypad

    Hi All, I have a Premier Elite Series INS555-3 keypad and would like to re-locate this. Mine is wireless, I assume as I cannot see any wires from the back. I have the engineer code too. Please help. Avy
  2. J

    door sensor flex alarm

    Hi, I have a flex alarm panel. I would like to wire this sensor up to a zone but i am not sure what terminals on the panel to use. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Jeramy,
  3. J

    Honeywell galaxy Le Sucre Wireless Piezo Shock Sensor

    Hi, I have a flex system and am looking to install a wireless shock sensor. Before I buy one Does anybody know how these are fitted to the window frame as i dont want to drill holes in my aluminium frames. Will double sided tape be ok? Many thanks for responding. Jeramy
  4. W

    Honeywell Galaxy Dimension mystery (moved)

    Hi Last night my keypad sounded (alarm off at the time) and it showed a fault of +RF Entrance Hall It emitted a tone a few times before I entered my code to see the fault. It did it again this morning. Cant find this fault code in the manual. I think it relates to the wireless door sensor I...
  5. _Ashley_

    Alarm Beep Help

    Hi, I have a problem with my alarm system. Im not sure why the unit is beeping or how to stop it. I have replaced the battery but that hasn't worked. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully the video link below has worked. Thanks, Ashley
  6. M

    Pyronix keyfob we problem

    Customer had alarm installed a few years ago. Never any problems with the keyfobs or alarm. Last service was about 6 months ago. Customer calls today to say that all his keyfobs (i think he has 3) now wont set the alarm but they can unset the alarm... Any ideas?
  7. R

    really weird alarm problem??

    hi everyone i have a scantronic i-on40 in part set mode with the following zones configured: zone 17 - hall PIR (final exit) zone 18 - lounge PIR (normal alarm) zone 19 - garage PIR (normal alarm) zone 20 - front door contact (final exit) zone 21 - back door contact (normal alarm) i only use...
  8. Angie S

    Premia 9 Help!

    Our Premia 9 burglar alarm is around 20 years old. We’ve just been woken up by the control panel beeping loudly and displaying battery fault error code- BF. Managed to silence it by pressing reset repeatedly but worried this will happen again overnight. Does anyone have the alarm user manual? Or...
  9. G

    Texecom Elite 24 and Internal Speaker issue

    Hi all, First post! Firstly thanks for all the advice people have previously posted on here, it has been incredibly helpful in the past! I have just installed my first Texecom Elite 24. All appears to be working fine, however I am having an issue when installing internal extension speakers! I...
  10. Jonge500

    Pyronix Help

    Guys its 02:20am , I've got a six month old going mental and a angry wife (great start right...) Our Wireless Alarm (Pryonix Enforcer) is going off owing to a "tamper fault" I am fairly sure its on the box outside (20ft in the air). I have googled and inputted the master and engineering code...
  11. HelplessStudent

    Scantronic 9427 help?

    I have recently moved into a property with a scantronic 9427 alarm. My flatmates and I have no clue how to use it and most manuals I've found online are installation manuals or have else been deleted. Our property management/landlord hasn't provided any help on the subject even though we’ve...
  12. N

    Texecom Premier Elite - tamper alarm on external sounder

    I have an issue with a tamper alarm on my wireless external sounder. Yesterday in the middle of the day the alarm went off on the keypad whilst alarm not set. After silencing it it told me I had a tamper alarm on the external sounder. After resetting it happened again at about 9pm. I checked...
  13. K

    Light switch setting off alarm

    Hi, I just installed a new light switch in my downstairs bathroom which is near the house alarm. It is a 2 gang 2 way switch with the other switch directly beside the alarm. The new switch controls the bathroom light and extractor fan, and there is a lot of "buzzing" in the bathroom when the...
  14. S

    Recommendations: new wireless system with sensor, camera and Google integration

    Hi About to move to a new property. Looking for a DIY system including cameras , sensors and ideally Google home integration. Sensors need to be pet friendly. Ideally predominantly wireless though will wire some elements of needed Recommendations appreciated.
  15. Mb90

    Pyronix Enforcer Battery Issue

    Hi, We've had a pyronix enforcer alarm for around 3 and a half years. Not sure on model. Last month it came up with wireless batt fault so i replaced them all with cr123a and the problem went away. This morning we were woken by the same fault. Other than the obvious - one of the new...
  16. M

    Honeywell ADE G4 Alarm - sounding on closed zones

    Hi all, I have recently fitted a honeywell G4 system and it keeps tripping reporting zone 4 and sometimes zone 4 and 5. BUT both these zones are terminated with no sensors. The alarm sets fine but then sounds an hour later for no apparent reason. Could the panel be faulty fresh out of the...
  17. Jacobpem

    Honeywell galaxy won't full set.

    hello I have a honeywell galaxy 2-12 I got from ebay I managed to load defaults and restore the system to when it came from the factory. When I try to full set the system there is no countdown and the bar never goes down. Could any expert tell me whats wrong? Meny thanks!
  18. T

    Alarm system issue during coronavirus isolation. Help please!

    I am having a problem with my mother’s alarm system (Pyronix Enforcer). Before going any further I need to clarify that this is an exceptional situation due to the Coronavirus lockdown, that I would, under normal circumstances, get sorted out in a heart beat by simply calling an engineer in...
  19. J

    ADE G4 Accenta Engineer code has become invalid

    Hi I recently replaced 4 PIRs on my system for Pet Friendly ones. I put the system in to Engineer mode to prevent any tamper alarms. When I removed the first PIR (Zone 4), I accidentally touched some of the wires together which triggered the alarm. I stopped the alarm by entering User Code...
  20. P

    Smoke Alarm - NL3602 - Changing Battery

    Hi, My Smoke Alarm is making a chirping/beeping sound indicating low battery. I haven't changed this for 4/5 years but do recall it being a total pita. :D The battery drawer is stuck so I cannot change the battery. I don't recall whether I had to stick something into the keyslot (e.g...