electric shower

  1. P

    Electric shower problems

    My electric shower recently stopped heating water, i took a guess that it was probably the tco so replaced this. The shower heats up now but won't turn off and seems to overheat while making a strange noise. I'm taking another guess that i might need to replace the solenoid valve but thought i...
  2. A

    Commercial - Electric vs Mixed Shower

    Hi all! I'm looking to open a commercial fitness space in London which will have 2 shower rooms (one shower in each room). Currently there's only toilets and sinks so would be creating showers from nothing. I'm being told electric will be easier and cheaper to install. But every electric shower...
  3. andyr123

    Pump at bottom of header tank in attic

    is this do-able and will it work? - are pumps better to 'push out' the water or better to 'pull/suck' the water through? if you have your twin propellor pump with its 1 shaft running but 2 propellors are running but shower number 1 is not going but shower number 2 is operating would that (or...
  4. N

    Shower replacement

    I have a Mira 8.5kw (@ 240v) shower that has broken. I want to replace it ideally with a matching powered unit, however I am unsure about the current wire. It appears to be 6mm² (although isn't labelled), and runs approx 10m total to the consumer unit (7m under floorboards, no insulation, and a...
  5. D

    Disconnect electric shower

    Hi there, I've recently renovated my bathroom including removing the old 10.5kw electric shower. The cable is still in place as impossible to remove. The cable from shower to isolator is disconnected and the mcb is switched off (taped down so no one switches on). When you test it the earth wire...
  6. nbellyjnr

    Electric Shower Power Issue (Triton Madrid II)

    Hoping someone can help me here. Today I turned on the electric shower (Triton Madrid II) but it didn’t power on. The isolator switch light turns on initially but the light turns off when I turn the shower to any power mode. The LED power indicator on the shower does not turn on at any point...
  7. D

    Electric shower not receiving full power

    Hi, so recently my electric shower started running lukewarm at settings where it would usually run nice and hot. To get it to run hot, it has to be turned to higher settings, but with that, the water pressure drops significantly. I’ve also noticed that the half power light is no longer lit...
  8. Sappy73

    Mira Sport Air boost Shower

    Hi All Please can any one assist with an issue with a Mira Sport Airboost 9KW electric shower that’s been newly installed however the flow seems much poorer than the old Gainsborough E 8.5kw electric shower it’s replaced. The power supply wiring has been upgraded to 10mm as part of the...
  9. C

    Electric shower stopped whilst kettle boiling

    This morning I was using our electric shower (Triton Enrich, 8.5 kW, 6 years old) when it virtually stopped. The flow reduced abruptly to a trickle, without a change in temperature, the on-light stayed on. I switched it off immediately. I ran a cold-tap to test the water supply but it was fine...
  10. G

    electric shower getting too hot

    Hi, Ive got an electric shower seems to be suddenly too hot, is it possible that this is caused by having the wrong head on it ? it does say only use with original head but I think its been changed, can it make that much difference ? thanks ps its a gainsborough 9.5 se
  11. G

    Gainsborough shower not heating

    Hi, I am getting no hot water from a gainsborough 9.5 electric shower in a flat, I tested it in another flat with a seperate water supply and it works fine there ! Im thinking that points to low water pressure ? is that correct ? thanks
  12. G

    gainsborough 9.5 se no hot water

    I bought a replacement engine around 10 months ago, but its not giving any hot water. Im wondering if I was just unlucky or if the make is rubbish. Would I be better with a triton easy fit one for similar price, (at least get 2 years warranty) thanks
  13. N

    CU 32->40a fuse upgrade

    Hi and thanks in advance to all the givers of advice here. I want to upgrade a Triton electric shower from 8.5kW to 9.5kW but would need to swap the existing 32a CU fuse for a 40a fuse. Is there a way for an idiot to safely tell what size the wiring is on that circuit as I gather I need 8mm for...
  14. K

    Shower not turning off when switched off

    I have a triton t90sr it's working fine apart from when switched off it continues to run water at a slower speed for about 5 mins . Also I have turned the shower to cold only setting and water runs at a slower speed for even longer after it has been turned off.it will only turn off if it is...
  15. HokkaHokka

    Electric shower cutting out - Salamander CT50 Twin (2014)

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this, but yesterday our shower developed a fault and the power would not kick in. I switched it off at the power and ran the water for a bit which seemed to resolve it but we had the same problem today but worse. I managed to get it started again but...
  16. G

    Electric shower keep cutting off

    I've got a Mira Enthuse electric shower. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.plumbworld.co.uk/documents/1-mira-enthuse-electric-shower-installation-user-guide.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwji9u-E1ernAhVUQkEAHbChAN4QFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw0vRO5FtnkeEr0Zlw6VpBMW&cshid=1582563695478...
  17. Sonny Ryder

    Triton shower suddenly stopped working

    Hi, I hope someone can help I have a triton enrich shower unit which was working fine then suddenly stopped the next day... I have checked the fuse board which is all okay There is power to the pull cord The light on the shower unit itself is on when the switch is set to off. The light...
  18. therugbytown

    Electric Shower Bristan B85 replacement

    Electrician says that this now needs to be replaced. We are keen on finding a replacement with similar pipe connections. So what is the best replacement so that I don't need to get a plumber in to change the plumbing to fit? Please help if you can. Thanks
  19. W

    Leaking Mira Sport Max (10.8kW)

    I just noticed my electric shower started leaking cold water a couple days ago. It's a constant drip from the bottom-right of the case. I didn't notice any issues with how it operated, though. I opened it up, and there's generally quite a lot of water droplets (condensation?) on the inside...
  20. wisdom-17

    Replacing existing electric shower

    Hi all, I have a Triton electric shower which was installed by someone else around a decade ago. It stopped working the other day so I opened the front cover to see if there is an obvious cause (I don't have much experience in this area). Upon opening, it appears the main problem is the...