1. dpm_dpmartin

    Split-load Switch / RCD flipping down repeatedly

    Hi all, I am not preparing to do any work myself - this is beyond me - but I'd appreciate any thoughts about it so I can have a useful discussion with an Electrician when one eventually comes to visit. My consumer board has a number of separate circuits and 2 x 80A 30mA RCDs... one of the RCDs...
  2. F

    Can this RCD Be Fed from the bottom ?

    Can I feed this RCD from the bottom or is strictly the top feed only ?
  3. W

    RCD or RCBO types for an inverter heat pump.

    Hi. I'm looking for some guidance on RCD/ RCBO selection for heat pumps. The heat pump manual states: The RCDs follow the standards and regulations but may be not applicable for heat pumps that have high frequency ampere peaks caused by the inverter technology. Therefore, RCDs need to be...
  4. K

    To RCD or not?

    Hello. I am thinking to put my property on rent in the future. I live in Kent. The property has no RCD protecting the circuits. Just MCB's. The wiring is still in good condition red and blacks with earth's at lighting and sockets. The question is, will I need to upgrade the board before...
  5. R

    Campervan RCD

    Hi all, Hoping someone is able to help before I test this. Ordered 240 hook up for campervan and came with small consumer unit that had absolutely no instructions. I've tried to wire it up how I think it's me at to go but not 100% sure it's correct so thought I would check with the experts...
  6. L

    Earth problem from boiler tripping RCD

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice. We had a new consumer unit fitted with an RCD and when we switch the boiler/heating on it trips the RCD. The boiler is wired to the consumer unit via the ring main with a 32a fuse. We have an old boiler (ideal Mexico floor standing boiler with a separate...
  7. S

    Oven trips RCD when turning it off

    I have a Logik oven - probably about 10 years old. If the RCD is on, switch on the wall is on and I switch the oven OFF - it trips the electric. If I switch the oven off at the wall, it doesn’t matter which direction the on/off switch is facing, it doesn’t trip. Any initial thoughts before I...
  8. S

    RCD tripped - ground floor sockets

    Hello, Looking for some advice please. I was away for a few weeks, my family came to stay a couple of weeks in and found the ground floor electrics had gone out. RCD had tripped with all downstairs electrics. The only items I’d left plugged in and on were smart meter, fridge and boiler...
  9. S

    Bosch Oven HBA64B251B trips the electrics out

    Sunday's roast pork dinner was cooking nicely then suddenly BANG all the lights went out. Soon realised the problem was the oven itself. Switched the oven off and reset the mains RCD and all Ok. Then switched the oven back on and it all lights up ok, reset the clock and then turn the dial and...
  10. D

    Electric Gate tripping RCD on close

    Recently started having issues with it tripping the RCD when the gate is closing, only appears to happen when the temperature outside is above 15 degC (never happens on a cold day) I've replaced the RCD with no luck, motor capacitor has been tested and is all gd. Photocells have been inspected...
  11. M

    Told I have to replace this relatively modern Consumer Unit

    Just had an EICR done for the first time on my flat, built 2001. The circuits are fine but I was surprised to learn there’s no RCD. Naturally I want one installed regardless of the need to pass the EICR, but the electrician is saying it’s necessary to replace the whole consumer unit (pictured)...
  12. Mawibri

    RCD and PIR LED lights

    I recently installed a Homezone LED PIR light on my garage which I plug in to the garage socket. All worked well when switched on the lights lit up and after some minutes went out, I checked the PIR and it turned the lights on. However after ten minutes the House RCD tripped. I already have the...
  13. I

    RCD in older Irish home - required?

    I'm not a REC, but I am checking a newly bought house with a generic circuit tester (it found bad wiring in another property). Plug in thing with RCD test button. Have two of them, different sources. Both do not trip the house circuit when I push the RCD button. I've not been able to get an...
  14. anonfool72

    Air source heat pump keeps tripping rcd

    Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong sub forum to ask. Our heating system started tripping the rcd. Do we need to call an electrician or a heating engineer to have a look? The sequence of events is: turn on the rcd, control units light up, after a second trips the rcd. Its a air source heat pump...
  15. eveares

    Kitchen appliance service man advise us to upgrade 20A MCB to 32A! (Rant)

    We had our Electrolux combi microwave/fan oven replaced with a brand new one under warranty as our old one was written of due to severe rust, what prevented a previous repair man being unable to get to and replace the heater element what was leaking current to earth and tripping the RCD. I was...
  16. B

    Wiring Advice - New Lights

    I’ve just removed my old doorbell, which was wired through the mains (replacing it with a more modern cordless doorbell). This left me with a bit of mains flex sticking out of the wall just above my fusebox in a hallway cupboard. I’d like to use that to power two 11W LED ceiling lights (bought...
  17. G

    Swiss Wiring

    Just moved into a new rented flat in Zurich and as is common most of the light fittings have been removed (?!) [previous renter was British] I bought a contactless tester, to check out wiring. We've since had a local sparks check things and fit some new lights, but I was surprised by what I...
  18. P

    Energenie Miihome multi socket causing RCD to trip

    I wondered if anyone else is having this problem. I have a ENER010 4way trailing socket. It works fine through the house RCD but trips a Wylex WRS 80/2 2 pole RCD fitted in my shed.
  19. D

    Split versus Dual CU

    In one of your forums someone stated that a split-load CU protects circuits by RCDs and a dual CU doesn't. So what protection DOES a dual unit provide? Surely ALL circuits are protected by an RCD even if several circuits use the same RCD?
  20. P

    Supply to garden office

    Hello, I'm in the process of planning a small garden office build. I'll build the office but pay an electrician to install the electrics. However I just want to understand the potential extent of electrical works required. I currently have a BG dual rcd board (I know BG isn't great but it...