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    Texecom ComWifi module issue

    I have just finished installing a Texecom Premier Elite 48 with a ComWifi module. All is working well and I have been using Wintex over the wifi network to set up the various options. Tonight I have been trying to get the IOS App working with no success. I realised that you cant have both...
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    DIY Alarm system

    Hi guys. Would like some advice regarding intruder alarms. I am currently renovating a small 3 bed house and would like to install an alarm system. I have boiled it down to either: 1)Yale Easyfit Telecommunicating system (£180) 2)Texecom Ricochet (£210) I would have liked wired as apparently...
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    Texecom Com2400 Install Problems

    Hi All I have installed the com2400 into a Texecom Premier Elite 48 live panel as per instructions provided. However, when trying to perform a test call the panel message cycles between com3 resetting & com3 idle. I have rang the modem from my mobile phone and hear the fax/modem tones. so guess...
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    Texecom Premier Elite 48W fault

    Hi Anybody know what this fault is on my texecom Premier Elite 48W, and how to clear it. Exp 1,1 Tamper
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    Intermittent "Mains power off" alert following power surge

    Hi everyone, hoping you can help with some advice. I have a Texecom Premier Elite 24 (metal case), professionally installed a few years back but I fancied trying to troubleshoot the following issue myself. A few weeks ago, I had a power surge (well the lights flickered briefly) and ever since...
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    Texecom ComIP issues

    Hi, I have recently purchased and installed a Texecom 48W (mixed wireless and wired). I was recommended the comwifi module for remote access/remote arming etc. I have been having COM1 errors (I have seen other have experienced this too on both the Ethernet and wifi modules) but there doesn't...
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    Elite 24 and Bosch Blueline Pet Sensors

    Hey So I have been in the process of removing my Banham Euro 46 system (being a hybrid with about 30 sensors!!) and I am replacing it with the Texecom Elite 24 for endless reasons. I bench tested the system with a TMD15 and a Texecom Dual Tech detector and it worked fine! That was a few months...
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    Texecom ComIP - Connection Problem

    I have a Premier 48 (not Elite) with the ComIP that has been running for a few years. I tried to connect to Wintex but got a connection problem so I started some troubleshooting. 1) In the router modem, I found that the ComIP was not being assigned an IP. Eventually restarting the panel solved...
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    Texecom view zone named on alarm

    I have a premier 48 and it's working just fine in general. The alarm went off at 1am last night. Turned out my wife had left the shed door open and a fox wandered in, however it was quite frustrating to spend 5 minutes at the panel trying to remember how to view which zone number 18 was. Is...
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    Texecom Part set / night set configuration

    Hi, I've installed a Texecom Premier Elite system in my home and it's working great. I've got all the downstairs zones assigned to Area A and all the upstairs assigned to B. When I full set A and B set fine and everything works as expected (Alarms are instant in the Guard zones) and entry /...