thermostat wiring

  1. G33unit1

    Worcester Bosch 28i junior (heat link)

    Hey folks looking for a bit of confirmation. I'm about to install a nest heatlink in my mother's house her boiler is up stairs so I'm trying to make life a bit easier by installing a nest thermostat. I'm intending on using 4 core flex cable can someone confirm If what I'm thinking is correct...
  2. emmeth92

    Wiring switching from Nest to Hive

    Hi there, I just moved house where there is an existing Nest thermostat set up on my combi boiler, although I am trying to install a Hive. Scratching my head a little bit translating the wiring from one to the other. Have a picture below of the current Nest set up, and the instructions from...
  3. jakub742

    Viessmann Vitopend 100-W WH1B thermostat replacement

    Hi I bought MH1823 TuYa Smart Wifi Thermostat and i'm wondering how to connect it to my boiler. Current thermostat wiring: Vitopend schema: I didnt check the cables inside the boiler, i'm not a professional just wondering if its possible. My current thermostat has only No and COM cables...
  4. E

    Better diagnosing a "no central heating but working hot water" problem

    I'm trying to learn a few things while attempting to do some basic diagnosis of what may have caused a problem with my central heating. I have a Glowworm flexicom 15hx gas boiler for hot water and central heating, with a Drayton LP241 programmer/controller. These heat my hot water just fine...
  5. T

    Help needed please New thermostat install

    Hi I'm new and I could do with some help if guys wouldn't mind. So my current boiler is a combine and it's running a single mechanical thermostat. This is a Honeywell unit I have just had new radiators fitted as the ones in my place was around 30 years old. As the guys was just about to leave...
  6. P

    Replacing Drayton LP111 with Center BDR91 - HELP!

    I'm looking to replace my fixed boiler control unit with a wireless thermostat (so that i don't manually have to switch boiler on & off). Need some help in understanding how to rewire my existing control unit (Drayton LP111) with the wireless thermostat (Center BDR91). I've added all the images...
  7. S

    TR2 thermostat wires - which is the neutral?

    I am just looking for some simple information which I can't find online anywhere. I have an old RD532i boiler and TR2 thermostat. The wires between them are labelled F, 3 and 4. Can anyone tell me which of those three wires are the neutral, the live and the switched live? (I think that's what...
  8. S

    Salus iT500RX Receiver problem

    Anyone kmow anything about Salus iT500RX Receivers? My one is showing no power anymore and yet nothing has tripped on the board, which means it's not currently talking to my megaflow boiler. Any pointers? As probably guessed, I'm neither an electrician or plumber, lol! Cheers in advance
  9. B

    Room Thermostat - Quick Wiring Question

    Using a cheap old skool Eberle manual thermostat for a few days (long story). My old broken thermostat had: * red into "L" * blue into "N" * yellow into "L1" (switched live?) Does anyone know where red/blue/yellow should go in the new thermostat please? (photo of wiring diagram below but I'm...
  10. A

    Boss BR1 to Hive Active Heating wiring

    Hi all, Just get someone to double check my research into the wiring as planning to move to Hive (single channel). I have a Worcester 28i junior boiler with BR1) receiver (wall mounted - picture 1&2) & remote thermostat (BPS242RF) which is not working hence the heating system but still have...
  11. L

    Replace Honeywell Programmer and Room Stat with Nest 3rd Gen

    Hi Looking for some advice....I have just purchased a Nest 3rd Gen and are looking to install myself. I have a Honeywell ST9400C programmer for heating and hot water positioned next to my oil fired Firebird Combi boiler. I also have a Honeywell room stat. I have photographed the existing...
  12. Idotry

    Thermostat wiring is blowing my mind

    Hey hey folks I’m hoping someone can help me out. I paid an electrician to come round and put in a new thermostat (hive) as part of a group of things I had done all at the same time. Only issue is that I can’t get the central heating to come on. When hive tries to switch on the heating.. I hear...
  13. V

    Connecting BHT-002 Moes thermostat to water/gas boiler

    Hi, I need to connect BHT-002 smart thermostat to water/gas boiler. Unfortunately old thermostat was removed by previous owners and I have nothing to compare to. In the attached pictures of wires and Moes thermostat that I would like to install. could you please assist which cable should go...
  14. M

    Replace existing thermostat with WiFi version

    I'm planning on replacing my existing danfoss tp4/5000 with one of the numerous WiFi thermostats available from China. There are a few different designs but the contacts are more or less the same. Just want to clarify the following will work. Attached is a picture of my current thermostat with...
  15. N

    WiFi Thermostat Install

    I’m wanting to replace my original Honeywell thermostat for a WiFi one but I’m stuck on the wiring. I have a grey, earth, black (with brown sheath) and brown wire. Im told the new thermostat only requires a live and neutral, with a possibility of needing to bridge across 2 connectors. The old...
  16. QfanatiQ

    New thermostat - not smart

    Our honeywell has stopped working boiler end We've been quoted a lot to have it replaced, small job clearly no interest. Thinking surely I can do this myself; - Wire in replacement - Conect to new wall thermostat I'm not interested in a smart router attached option. Cheers,,,,,Q
  17. Tigerspirit

    How to uninstall Honeywell DT92E

    The thermostat is no longer working correctly as it puts the heating on regardless of what we set the temperature to and we want to uninstall it and return to using the boiler thermostat instead. How do we do this please?
  18. Dashy999

    Nest E compatible?

    Hi, Wondering if some kind person on here happens to know whether my Honeywell cm907 thermostat can be swapped out for a Nest E thermostat? Currently I have the honeywell connected to my gas combi boiler and the thermostat controls the heating alone. The screen on the honeywell has failed (a...
  19. Branflake98

    Nest Thermostat E Installation

    Hi, I plan on installing a Nest Thermostat E with Heat Link to my property however can’t seem to match up the wiring on the apps instructions. The property was built last year and has air source heating installed, I have, in the cupboard some sort of tank with a Daikin control panel. I have...
  20. Neil T

    Boiler Thermostat

    I’m looking to change a Honeywell T45 to a Honeywell T6R HW. Y plan system boiler with existing thermostat in the hallway and control box next to the boiler. Can anyone tell me which wires go where and which ones will become obsolete when I take out the old rotating thermostat from the hallway...