Have I been Conned ?

Probably didn’t change much. Had a what’s app earlier. Reckons he will print everything out and try and bring it out to tomorrow. If he come in he won’t be getting out till everything is sorted.
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To be honest I think it's a bit of a stretch to ask him to install a magnetic filter at that price.

Mag filters cost about £100 + £50 installation sounds reasonable to me

Also, make sure he added inhibitor.. and make sure he adds it again if he drains the whole system again

Threatening him about calling Gas Safe is a good move.. hell make sure he dots all the i's now as he knows you're no mug.. if gas Safe come out he risks losing his livelihood.

Also, can't see any pipe clips, are they out of range? Soldering leaves a lot to be desired and the wiring is messy. 5 out of 10 on the install. Would be nice to see some outside pics of the flue
To be honest I think it's a bit of a stretch to ask him to install a magnetic filter at that price.

The boiler is £600, he was there half a day, and y the looks of the install it didn't cost much in materials.

I know there is overheads etc but he also advised it would have the extended warranty which isn't offered on the Atlantic. And they most certainly do not offer a 12 year on the Atlantic.

Also the warranty is voided when no filter is installed,

A company called smart boilers install the same boiler, with an ESI stat and a filter for £1350,

All the plumbers merchants offer cheap filters often own branded for around £60 even one of these would have been better than none.

Ideal don't offer the boiler on their website so I presume the boiler is aimed purely at tradesman, land lords. And possibly new builds.
Yes looks like I made all the mistakes. If I don’t get any joy tomorrow. I think I’ll pop down to their shop, with all the Gory details
If I don’t get any joy their, then I think the next step is trading standards and the gas safety registry. Should be an interesting week.
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Before you pop down to the shop, post the picture of the flu from outside if you can.
It may give you more information when you get replies from the gas guys.
Reckons he will print everything out and try and bring it out to tomorrow
He cant print out the Benchmark, you have it and it is not filled in, the Building regs compliance certificate is posted direct to you once he registers it, he is telling you porkies he hasnt e-mailed you anything and doesnt have anything to print off and bring to you, did you pay him cash direct or did you pay his company ? As already said the missing panel from the facia is printed with the boiler range i.e. it would have had 24 stamped on it, that is why it has been removed, the 24 is just over £100 cheaper than the 30, he is at it
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Cash Direct. I’m an idiot.
Might be worth a phone call to his company and tell them your concerns and say if it is not sorted out you are going to ask Gas Safe to do an inspection, it sounds like he has done this without his companys knowledge, hence why no paperwork, if he registers it they would know
Well decided to call the Gas safety register. I explained everything to date. And they have agreed to come out and do a gas safety check. They’ve taken all the info and have started a case file. Not something I wanted to happen but getting ****ed off with all the nonsense. The Gas safety people mentioned the 24 kw and Said if I asked for a 30 kw that’s what I should have got.
Couple of pics of the flue


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Well gas safe may mention that the flue not being sealed properly, can't be sure if the camera angle or not. The black collar on the inside though is a weathering collar and should be on the outside, he may have cut the flue a little short and therefore the collar wouldn't fit where it needs to on the flue itself but again may be the camera angle.

There may also have been a white internal collar supplied too, not sure with that boiler.
More to the point, do you actually need a 30kW boiler for a 2 bed house? Might be doing you a favour... (If it can't modulate down low enough, it might short-cycle instead)

They are all 24kw to heat. It’s the hot water delivery that changed with higher outputs not the heating.
Couldn’t tell you warranty but only 12yr warranty is for vogue max by accredited installer
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If you give us a few pics of the boiler. It should say what KW rating it is on the front, it will have a 24/30/35 on the flap at the top of the control panel.

He doesn't get copies of the guarantee, he registers the boiler for the warranty and Ideal send you the warranty confirmation doc. The gas safe cert should be given to you straight away. As suggested check the manual that you should have, there is a section at the back called the benchmark, this needs to be filled in for the warranty to be valid, if it isn't then that needs sorted out. Did he fit a mag filter too?
Flap is missing :LOL: Wonder why:whistle:

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