Have I been Conned ?

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The boiler is £600, he was there half a day, and y the looks of the install it didn't cost much in materials.

I know there is overheads etc but he also advised it would have the extended warranty which isn't offered on the Atlantic. And they most certainly do not offer a 12 year on the Atlantic.

Also the warranty is voided when no filter is installed,

A company called smart boilers install the same boiler, with an ESI stat and a filter for £1350,

All the plumbers merchants offer cheap filters often own branded for around £60 even one of these would have been better than none.

Ideal don't offer the boiler on their website so I presume the boiler is aimed purely at tradesman, land lords. And possibly new builds.
It’s built for MR central heating as it’s the cheap base combi
You in Scotland? Would love to know the fitter but probably against page rules putting up his company name.
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Was supposed to turn up this afternoon. Good thing I didn’t hold my breath. The Company he works appears to exist. But no phone number or address available.
Looks like I employed the A Team without realising :D
Oh really, there is quite a a few online merchants selling it.
Yes really, it has been opened up to others but mostly sold in Scotland by Mr Central Heating.
It’s called the combi exclusive when sold through most other outlets.
I’m debating whether or not to send him a link to this thread. I haven’t post his name or his company name on the open forum. Just thinking it might open his eyes to what he’s done. I contacted Gas Safety this morning.
Gave them his details and their going to open a case on it. They also tell me they will send someone out to do a gas safety check within the next ten days.
Well as expected never turned up today.
Don’t think a team of wild horses would drag him down here :D
No show today.That’s OK wasn’t really expecting you to turn up.
Took some advice and had a gas registered engineer round this morning. To say he wasn’t impressed with your work would be an understatement. Did you think taking the plate off the front of the Boiler would convince people it wasn’t a 24kw I’ve spoken to ideal your not on their list of approved installers. I’ll be lucky to get the 5 year warranty but that is doubtful as you didn’t install a Magnetic Filter. Also their seems to be no indication that a flush of the system and new inhibitor installed. If it was done please accept my apologies.. appears the flue hasn’t been fitted properly. Mind you you weren’t here long so I’ll pass on that for the time being. Nice that you soldered the PCV valve that will make it fun for anyone to service.
RE the Warranty good one with the email
I’ve got the Benchmark in front of me which you were supposed to fill in and then register, guess you were to busy that day.
To cut to the chase, I rang the gas safety register this morning explained what has been going on. They have taken a note of your gas registration. And I think will be wanting to talk to you soon. They are arranging for a Gas Safety inspection in the next 10 days. Wonder what that will turn up
If you can ever find your way back to my place. You have 2 options take that boiler off and replace with the one I paid for. Or leave that on their do the job like you were supposed to. And I’ll have a refund between the price of the 24 and the 30.
Strangely enough after sending the What’s App
Had an immediate reply saying he wanted to come round and talk to me tomorrow. Don’t know maybe I struck a nerve.
Don’t know maybe I struck a nerve.
It certainly sounds like it (y) and good, you gave him ample opportunity to respond and rectify any issues outlined. Just hope he’s not planning on being a thug.
Ask a friend or neighbour or a family member to be with you, not that I think he will threaten you, but then you have a witness to everything he says , as it is now it is just your word against his
Luckily the wife was here when he originally came round to do the quote. She heard everything he said. So I guess she will be my witness.
Just had a What’s App saying he will be around about 1pm. Good thing I’m not going anywhere :D

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