Illegal gas work?!!!



Hi just after some thoughts and a bit of clarification on this.
If registered on your employers gas safe number then its illegal to carry out any gas work outside of the business because the registration doesn't cover you.
I can understand this for example if you were to install a boiler for someone as obviously you would not be able to register the installation.
What does however confuse me is how can a competent person who during working hours is allowed to change gas parts isn't allowed to in their own time.
Surely you are still classed as competant outside working hours?
Also if you change a gas part you don't have to notify gas safe or register the work so as long as it is done corectly and tested in accordance then how does this constitute a danger or a problem?

I obviously understand that this work could be classed as illegal if the job was being done for monetry gain and not offical record was made in regards to tax and insurance etc, but think im missing the point from a gas safety point of view.
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I suggest if you are registered then post this in the combustion chamber where it can be discussed correctly...
Yes, I think you are missing the point!

Your employer is a gas registered business and they pay their fee and can be checked, tested and regulated.

You ,if working on the side are none of those!

Its unlikely you will have any insurance either as you clearly like cutting corners.

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Checked by Gas Safe Tony? Don't be soft, last I heard they were sacking all the site visit guys...
Presumably, a competent person becomes an incompetent person after 5 PM and at weekends - ie when not working for their employer.

This automatically causes him to cut corners, save money, grow two horns and become an outright bad-ass
I have a feeling that your real question is:
" I am employed by a GSR company who pay for my van, tools, training, insurance, and materials, and put money in my account at the end of every month.
What sort of trouble can I expect if I do private work behind their back, and get paid cash in hand without anybody knowing it.
I will of course pretend I did it free and for nothing as a favour to a friend, in case anybody finds out.
If you do work for gain, you must be registered with a class of bodies, or something like that. :LOL:
What people seem to fail to realise is that there are three legal requirements.

The first is that anyone working on gas shall be competent.

The second is that anyone working on gas for someone else shall be registered.

These two requirements are completely independent, i.e. you can be....

a) Incompetent, and unregistered.
b) Competent, but unregistered.
c) Competent, and registered.
d) Registered, but incompetent.

It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or whether you borrow someone else's tools or van, or steal their petrol, are paid in pounds or shekels of barley, or not paid at all, but you're not registered unless you're there under the instructions of the business that is registered.

Note to landlords - the third legal requirement means that you must keep your filthy, incompetent, tight-fisted money-grabbing hands off appliances in properties that you're renting out, and that you have to pay someone to check the entire installation every 12 months.
Good posting there from Goldberg!

Even in Golders Green I have never been offered shekels of barley though. ( שקל‎ )

Since 1985, in Israel they would have to be New Shekels !

I thought barley came in bushels though ?

Woody you dont understand the requirements.

A "registered" person becomes "unregistered" after 5pm, still as competant but not registered and prob no insurance or overheads, therefore becoming one of the "black economy" that all fully registered RGI's moan about on here
no woody you dont understand the requirements, a "registered" person becomes "unregistered" after 5pm
No, kirkgas, it's you who doesn't understand.

A person who is 'registered' during business hours is not registered, but permitted to work on gas because their employer is registered. If not instructed by their employer then they have not met the legal requirement, no matter what time of day or night.

...still as competant but not registered and prob no insurance or overheads
Whilst it's illegal to trade without public liability insurance, having no overheads is still perfectly legal.

...therefore becoming one of the "black economy" that all fully registered RGI's moan about on here[/b]
There's no point in moaning about the black economy, or moaning about the people who moan about it. Every country has one, and it's vital to the health of the white economy that it exists.
It's bs and money grabbing but just do what everyone else does and use your self employed mate for the price of a drink if you can find a customer who is very bothered.
Goldie, I think that the phrase that you are looking for is "Not yet competent"

Where is it written that it is illegal to trade without public liabillity insurance?

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