jeremy clarkson

maybe broaden the debate and talk about comedians like jimmy Carr, who recently upset many by joking about kids with Downs syndrome... or Frankie Boyle and most of his jokes...

What is an unacceptable subject to joke about?

(for the sake of everyone's sanity, probably best to leave the 'R' subject out of this debate !!)
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Apparently you cannot joke about race, Dunno why.
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Isn't the following, more or less what was said ? Surely we've had a gutful of media reporting of late - but the trap remains enticing...

"I think they (the strikes) have been fantastic. Absolutely. London today has just been empty. Everybody stayed at home, you can whizz about, restaurants are empty," he said.
"It's also like being back in the 70s. It makes me feel at home somehow," said the Top Gear presenter, before adding: "But we have to balance this though, because this is the BBC" and went on: "Frankly, I'd have them all shot. I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families. I mean, how dare they go on strike when they have these gilt-edged pensions that are going to be guaranteed while the rest of us have to work for a living?"

When the presenters pointed out that these were Clarkson's personal views, he said: "They're not. I've just given two views for you."

Don't you know Jeremy Clarkson is actually a loving, caring human being.
He cares pasionately about others less fortunate than himself and secretly does all he can to help others. He loses sleep at night wrestling with the thought that while other people all over the planet are suffering while he is playing around with cars and is having heaps of money poured into his bank account by the BBC. He his eternally grateful for his lot and feels guilty the the poorer members of society are paying for his lifestyle through their TV licence. Bless him! :D :D :D :D
If this had been said on Buzzcocks or QI it wouldn't even get a mention.

That Jo Brand is a funny old tart. Did anyone hear her reply to "How long is the perfect job interview?
yeah i did,must admit thats about the only time ive ever laughed at 1 of her quips.
I think Clarkson has started to think, 1) anyone cares about what he thinks, and 2) he's not the somewhat hilarious buffoon anyone, who wasn't looking for buffonery took seriously.
Apparently he pockets millions from his rubbish Christmas DVDs - it's just advertising.
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