My eldest son been attacked by a group of low life scum

5 Jan 2003
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United Kingdom
Sadly last Saturday night my eldest 18 yrs old son has been unprovoked attacked by 6-7 non-white yobbo when he was walking back to his car in the car park with his mates. I'm angry and gutted. The A&E managed to save his life & eyesights as he was attacked with broken bottles and snooker balls inside a long sock. I'm now off work to look after him & this afternoon, he's now at the dentist to put his teeth right. They even went back to his car and smashed the windows and dented the panel. It is now a write-off because of the insurance excess of £1500. The police has said" I'm afraid it's s*d law" because he's now off work without pay and lost his car which he has saved up for. My son is taking incredibly well at the moment but I think it's mainly delay shock. I live in a low crime rate area.

His mate rang 999 when it happens and because they though my son was dying they took him up in their car the A&E as it would be quicker. The others mates say behind to wait for the police to arrive, 45 mins later they rang again and the call centre told them the police will not come to you as the victim have left the area. :evil:

Why do these yobbo's do it, what do they get out of it? It is drugs & alcohol? why, why why?

Over to you Mr Blair, the crime rates is higher than ever now as most don't get reported.

Oh I forgot all MPs is on holiday.
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Sorry to hear about such an appaling incident, what sort of society do we live in now. It sounds like they planned the attack to some degree, as not everyone carries snooker balls around in socks and then to trash the car afterwards would seem like some sort of grudge beating.

Unfortunately it doesn't take much to upset these morons and they will go to extremes to prove thier manhood. Don't forget they have had tough childhoods and are bored because we don't provide entertainment 24/7 for the poor animals :evil:

No good telling Mr Bliar he and his goverment aren't interested, to worried about self importance and getting to the history books.

I Hope your son makes a good recovery with no lasting ill effects.
Glad to hear that your son's "alright" (as in still alive). No idea what drives people to do this sort of thing, but there seems to be an awful lot of them about these days.

really sorry to hear about that. Its going to be a long hard road to sort things out and for him to get over it. If there any help and advice i can give you from my former occupation just whizz me an e-mail (its on my profile)

Things will get better and good luck to your son and the rest of the family in what must be a bloody awful time.

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hopefully hell be alright. does he have any idea who attacked him? (altho the police in this country will most likely have already done all they can)

and you should say that there has been an attack and youve managed to lock 1 f em in your car, or youve shot 1 of them. thatll get the attention of the police
I don't entirely blame the Police for this situation. There is no deterrent for criminals. The police arrest the criminals and the courts set them free. I am a firm believer the punishment should fit the crime. I hear about ASBOs but I think they are a joke. Is a criminal frightened about getting an ASBO? Community re-habilitation? The law is a joke. If the prisons are overcrowded put taxpayers money to good use and build more prisons. Make the criminals suffer for their crimes. Maybe then there will be a deterrent from commiting crime. :evil:
Sorry to hear this Maso' ...
Hope things turn around, and it doesn't affect his confidence too much.

What can anyone do?? Not gonna change until the sh_t is lapping at the doors of Westminster ... Then of course twill be too late.
The slow demolition of a once great country...
masona, my heart goes out to you and yours I know as a parent that its hurting you more than your son, I've only got a daughter and she managed to go though her teens without a hitch but then they say that its boys that are highest risk of violent crime, now I have 2 grandsons to worry about!! I think booze has alot to do with it but like nstreet said its sounds like they was waiting for them, anyway! nightmare! best wishes to all.
I wish I could offer more than words Masona, as Richardp says, its worse for parents that the victim.

This type of mindless behavior not restricted to any race, it's common in western society and it may well be available in others too for all I know.

As far as England is concerned, it's the responsibility of all of us, but with the expectation that discipline is the parent's responsibility, we're stuffed. Children are so protected legally speaking, that no one dares to correct them when they need it, and when they get big, the thugs know they are almost immune because of the legal system.

There is a theory that corporal punishment only fosters violence, well look what lack of corporal, or any other punishment has done, and even when teachers try do something, they get beaten up by parents. What sort of example is this?
I hope your son is ok Masona but the only way you will get rid of the Blair crap is to speak your mind and get rid of the pc crap, thats how it will end when people stand up and say what happened and what needs to be done.

You say they were non-white crap---if you know what race or whatever they were then say so---dont be so pc they tried to kill your son for christs sake--the least you can do is say who they were and not protect them just because they had a different colour skin.
This is not a place for some little agenda, what colour was the rubbish that axed Tony Walker? As I said, it's common and not restricted to a particular race.
oilman said:
This is not a place for some little agenda, what colour was the rubbish that axed Tony Walker? As I said, it's common and not restricted to a particular race.

Exactly and again you try your little game of trying to make my posts say something else-----what i am saying is tell it as it is and not tip toe around the tulips for the sake of upsetting the pc nutters or others who have another agenda.

The people you refer too were named as WHITE and then named in person--exactly how it should be
I think you should both stop and look at what this post is all about. Another family tragedy brought about by a generation who feel that they can do what they want. Masona i hope everything pans out for your son and i hope that you catch up with them before the law does. By the sword and all that. Best wishes
oilman and freddie, jasys sentiments are spot on. this is not the place to start squabbling, take it elsewhere
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