Someone on R5L put it well, this morning, in response to another contributor saying that "we should all move on, as we have bigger things to be worrying about".

"Would the Met rescind my speeding ticket then, and concentrate on reforming itself instead?"
They would if it was out of time (as is the likely case for this FPN).
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I watched the first hour or so and Boris did himself no favours.
He did his normal bluster and attempted to answer questions that weren’t asked.

it didn’t look like the committee were taken in, after all, they all know the tricks.
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Boris? Show some contrition? Never!
Didn't he 'get brexit done' though?

Surely he's your hero?

So why the question of showing contrition given the great 'prize' you and your corrupt buddy 'won' :LOL:
"...British democracy is less of a fraud than it sometimes appears. A foreign observer sees only the huge inequality of wealth, the unfair electoral system, the governing-class control over the press, the radio, and the education, and concludes that democracy is simply a polite name for dictatorship. But this ignores the considerable agreement that does unfortunately exist between the leaders and the led. However much one may hate to admit it."

'The Lion and the Unicorn': George Orwell.*

He was writing about the period between 1931-40 and described it as "a stagnant period, and its natural leaders were mediocrities", so you have to wonder, despite everything that's changed in our world over the last 80 years, how can Parliament continue with the way it conducts national policy using this Old Boy Network?

Boris Johnson is clearly relying on this network to grease him out of (another) tight spot. His supporters urge the public to move on, there's more important matters than this and to some extent, they're right...but the tacit agreements and the conventions of Parliament matter so much more.
The verdict of this inquiry will show the world, especially America, that people in power are accountable and cannot avoid scrutiny, nor deny they are subject to the law.
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