15 Nov 2005
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Cabinet Secretary says he never told Johnson all rules were followed​

In this excerpt from the evidence released a short while ago, Cabinet Secretary and top civil servant Simon Case denies that he gave any assurances to the then prime minister that Covid rules or Covid guidance was obeyed at all times in No 10.
Case was appointed Cabinet Secretary in September 2020 and before that was Permanent Secretary at No 10, focusing on the Covid response.

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This is all just going to fizzle out to nothing. He said, she said, I was let down by advisors, blah, blah. IF he is sanctioned (he won't be, beyond a rebuke) and recalled, the gammons and blue rinses will return him again. Voting Tory is a choice, and I genuinely respect it. But voting for this lying sack personally... people should be ashamed of themselves.
The rules at the time
A second national lockdown was in force.
The rules prohibited indoor gatherings of two or more people. The police have confirmed that the fines handed out over this event were for breaching this restriction.
An exception was allowed if the gathering "was reasonably necessary" for work purposes. But we can assume the police did not judge the leaving event to have been necessary because at least one fine has been issued.
The "working safely during coronavirus" guidance at the time said only "absolutely necessary participants should physically attend meetings and should maintain social distancing (2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable)".
There is nothing in the guidelines that would suggest that drinking, socialising or other types of work event along these lines would have been allowed."
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Someone on R5L put it well, this morning, in response to another contributor saying that "we should all move on, as we have bigger things to be worrying about".

"Would the Met rescind my speeding ticket then, and concentrate on reforming itself instead?"
What's the betting on a week suspension to avoid any byelection embarrassment for the Tories?
What's the betting on a week suspension to avoid any byelection embarrassment for the Tories?
most likely outcome

Even if Johnson deserves getting the boot, all it will do is add fuel to the fire of his supporters screaming "kangeroo court"

Im not sure if Johnson will stand again unless he is guaranteed a safe seat

The only remaining question is "to what extent will he get away with it?"
Jack Doyle, who was Boris Johnson’s communications chief when the partygate story broke, denied ever telling the then-prime minister that Covid-19 guidance was followed at all times in No 10, the evidence bundle released today reveals.

As PA Media reports, in his evidence to the committee, Doyle was asked whether he assured the then-prime minister that Covid-19 rules were followed at all times. He replied:
As per my evidence to the Sue Gray report, in relation to the events I attended I said I believed no rules were broken.

Asked whether he told Johnson “Covid guidance” was followed at all times, Doyle said: “No.”

Asked whether he told Johnson that “no parties were held in No 10” while restrictions were in force, Doyle said:
I advised the prime minister that I did not consider the event of December 18, 2020 to be a party.

Regardless of that, weren't gatherings of any kind of more than two people banned at that time, whether or not you called it a 'party'?
"It's too early"

"Wait for Sue's report"

"Wait for the Met report"

"Wait for Sue's delayed report"

"Wait for Parliament to decide"

"It's too late now"

Obviously, the supporters of a known liar, a dishonest man not fit to be a Parish Councillor, will think the time is never right.
Is it just me or is anyone else fed up with hearing about it and couldn't give a flying one? Move on, he's not PM anymore.
Do you not understand how politics works?

Kick the can along the road as far as possible, and the ignorant part of the electorate will repeat the mistakes of the past!
Embarrassing to Boris supporters that Boris has agreed this is not a kangaroo court. Even if there was a recall petition he would probably get voted back.

Is it just me or is anyone else fed up with hearing about it and couldn't give a flying one? Move on, he's not PM anymore.
Maybe after he's been found guilty and punished appropriately and shown some contrition.

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