Speed Limits

11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
Having done just in excess of 1000 miles in the last two weeks, something is puzzling me. I've talked about this here before, but doing that amount of driving in just two weeks has hammered it home, if you like.

I have followed many cars (all the vehicles I have observed are cars) through 40 zones into 30 zones.

I wonder if you guys can help me answer this one:

Why does the average driver travel well under the 40 mph limit inside the 40 zone, then speed up to well above the 30 mph limit once inside the 30 zone?

Perverse, but in my experience, true!
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Because speed limits are an arbitrary figure devised many years ago, but the human brain will want to travel at a speed it "thinks" is right
I would have thought that obvious - they simply ignore the speed limits.

We need more mobile speed traps.
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Speed limits are a farce - just look at the a##holes who belt past my house at 70 and 80 (it's a 40). A guy up the road has been petitioning the council for 3 years for it to be a 30 zone.
For what it's worth, IMO the speed is only half of hte problem. What rags me off is that the idiots are usually overtaking as they're doing it - passing people's drive entrances, and side roads, as they do so. It'll probably take someone getting killed before anything's done :evil:
It can't be me, I've not been to Staffs for ages (not on the ground anyway) :LOL:
In a thirty and it's clear ahead, i do 35-40,right or wrong, that's me.

In a thirty busy, i'll do 20-25, just use common sense.

Never hit another moving vehicle yet, allow for all the other drivers(treat every other driver as a learner)

you should be able to read the road no matter how long or short it is.
A fair proportion of speed limits in built-up areas where new roads have been carved are not imposed with safety as their prime motivation, but to enable theoretical dB calculations to show that the noise level at the front of properties is at a level low enough for the highways agency aka the taxpayer not to have to pay for sound attenuation measures for those properties.
They do when you've been nicked a few times and you lose your licence.
You would think so, yes, but there are no facts to substantiate this.

The fact is, even most police officers do not believe that cameras reduce speeding ... Apart from that moronic clown who is Chief Constable in North Wales (Brunstrom I think) ... And he's simply away with the fairies most times.

The technology is already available to prevent speeding as we move forward if the Government was so inclined ... Link GPS data used for devices such as Talex into the engine management systems on new vehicles and, hey presto, no more exceeding speed limits.

This technology has been around for ages in Japan but why won't this happen here (cos it really won't) ... ££££'s

Cameras are cash cows pure and simple Joe and their proliferation has sod all to do with road safety or speeding or anything else.

I used to speed - until I got nicked 11 years ago. Don't speed now. Neither does anyone else around here - there are cameras everywhere (some mobile). It's pretty rare to see a speeding car in this area. If they don't have cameras they have speed humps. Anyway, if the cameras are cash cows I'd rather the speeders get hit rather than the law abiding motorist. You speeders are keeping our taxes down . Cheers mate.
Yes okay so you can flood areas with cameras and, in those specific areas, speed will be reduced.

It isn't scaleable though and the problem simply moves elsewhere.

It isn't just speeders the cash counters are after either Joe ... Parking infringements, not looking where you're going (at the time the camera snaps you), drinking, smoking, talking to the kid in the passenger seat and much more I'm sure ... All part of the surveillance culture this Government is so fascinated by.

If you never do anything wrong I'm sure you'll be fine ... As for me, I'll carry on doing as I please ... Cos I'm rich, can afford it and I'm happy to subsidise you.

The problem doesn't simply move elsewhere, it was already happening elsewhere :rolleyes:
If you are daft enough to speed and get caught, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Speed cameras are painted bright yellow, there are signs telling that the speed cameras are in action, they have a list of them on many many websites, they are displayed on the majority of Sat-nav equipment.

Why do people bother moaning about it :confused: they are not a problem if you dont speed are they?
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