The future of British Society.

I'm happy with my donkey cantalop63 :D

I agree that the best has happened. If I had a time to be young and ‘happening’ it would be the 60s. You had great music, a less violent society and free love where the worst VD you could get was curable with a course of antibiotics so long as you didn’t let it fester. Back then, if you hated your job you could tell your boss to stick it where the sun don’t shine and walk straight into another one tomorrow. Life was uncomplicated.

Unfortunately, I just missed out on it, being a 1958 babe. But I do have fantastic memories such as the music from the 60s and 70s and fields filled with trees and family members who were alive. It’s a fact of life that there’s not much to look forward to as we grow old bones. I have gone over the ‘bell curve’ and now I’m hurtling towards ever-increasing heartache with nothing to look forward to except hope for a quick death.

Apart from all that though, I’m really happy. :LOL: Going to play Big Yellow Taxi now; the first song about the demise of our small world being concreted over...
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Quote: hurtling towards ever increasing heartache
Life is full of suprises Big Tone ..... you sound like a real nice friendly guy.....who knows what is round the corner.....
Hopefully loads of good times in store for us all :LOL:

Do I sound annoyingly optimistic ..... I am a glass half full kind of person .....just can't help it :rolleyes:
For me the glass is always 99% full. Which is why that last 1% is just so damned annoying and I spend nearly all my waking life looking at it :LOL: :LOL:
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I'm not knocking anyone, but the idea of spending £5k for a tv frightens me. Different horse for different courses I suppose.

it wasn't a decision I took lightly but I wanted the very best and the biggest

Funnily the 50 inch version was £2k cheaper but my WIFE insisted I get the 60 incher so I wouldn't regret it :mrgreen: and moan about it :mrgreen:

How do I justify it? After my mortgage it's the most expensive thing I have ever bought myself. I dont drive and have never owned a car, I dont smoke and I barely drink.

I enjoy that tv Every time I use it, the size and quality still blows me away
Mind you the most watched thing on it is CBEEBIES :eek:
WOW spacecat thats some tv ....... as you say if thats what you enjoy go for it.....
and cbeebies is great fun isn't :D :D
Thank you Susie; I like to think I'm nice too, but then I might be biased.
It’s hard to see the good in people when you work in the NHS, where there is so much doom and gloom, along with the news reports etc.

Maybe what’s happening today is that people’s expectations are so high as a result of the milk and honey we have enjoyed for so very long and now that things are more austere it looks like it’s all turning to poop when in fact we really have “never had it so good”.

In my mother’s day it was more about interacting with others and we all had pretty much the same in terms of wealth and goods. So it’s all relative. To her generation she was, to all intents and purposes, content.

But today’s generation are generally greedy, selfish and inconsiderate! You have only to look at the recent riots to see an ocean of “never mind lest we forget, where’s my slice of the cake”. And if they don’t work they still expect a high standard of living. In my day if I didn’t work it was very much hand-to-mouth.

I got my very first bicycle myself when I started a part time job at 16 years old working for Woolworths. So how does a knocked-up kid get the latest smart phone and alcohol? Probably from these same do-gooders that think a violent kid at school should be sent to Spain as therapy, while the good ones get SFA!
......totally agree with all thatyou said Big Tone ..... you hit the nail on the head about life as we knew it with just one word 'content'.
You have to look at WHY people are so materialistic these days.

Big business & society in general shoves materialism down our throats via advertising,

Everyone no matter how un talented wants to be famous and rich, xfactor,pop idol, BB or win the lottery.

Material goods and wealth are seen as the be and end of all things

Being a regular person is seen as failure by so many esp the young

Add on nonsense such as twitter and face book and you have the recipe for a dislocated shallow selfish society
Big Tone said:
Unfortunately, I just missed out on it, being a 1958 babe.

You didn't miss that much. I know that because I've got five years head start on you and, from what I can remember, the sixties didn't really start until 1970 - and we had to wait until 1981 for free radio. :mad: :mad: :mad: (That was the one good thing we got out of Thatcher :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ).

and also said:
It’s hard to see the good in people when you work in the NHS

I work in the NHS. :eek: :eek: :eek: Second best job I've ever had. There was far more doom and gloom in some of the factories I've worked in the past.

Susiejb said:
I am a glass half full kind of person

When my glass is half full, I finish it and get a refill. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
@Big Tone ...... :)

you will be encouraging imamartian.... he winds me up enough as it is :rolleyes:
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