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2 Feb 2011
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EU Referendum Bill: Please contact your MP

Dear Supporter,EU Referendum Vote, 5 July 2013

On Friday 5th July 2013, there will be a very important vote
in Parliament on an EU referendum.

James Wharton MP will present a Private Member's Bill which aims to write into law that an EU referendum must be held by the end of 2017.

If passed, this legislation has the potential to shift a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU out of the vague realm of political promises and into law.

It will commit whichever party wins the 2015 election to hold an EU vote, or force them to take the politically very difficult step of repealing this referendum law.

In just a few weeks, we can take another big step closer to an EU referendum actually happening. That's why we must do everything we can to ensure this Bill succeeds.

Will you help?

We urgently need to map the voting intentions of MPs so that we know where to focus campaign activities in the coming weeks.

Would you be willing to help us, by taking one simple step?

Few MPs will reply to us directly, so would you take five minutes to send a quick message to your MP and then please send us a copy of the reply you receive?

To contact your MP, click here to use the quick and easy online service provided by ************.

Just enter your postcode, under 'Your Member of Parliament' click on your MP's name, fill in your contact details and write a quick message.

We would suggest stating that you support an EU referendum and will be making it a basis of how you will cast your vote at the next general election. Ask your MP how he/she intends to vote on the Private Member's Bill for an EU referendum being presented by James Wharton MP on 5th July and urge them to support it.

Even if you know that your MP already supports an EU referendum, please still take a few moments to contact them and thank them for everything they are doing - and encourage them to keep pushing for our right to vote on Britain's EU membership.

We will be updating the list of pro-referendum MPs on our website based on your feedback, so we'd be really grateful if you could get in touch with your MP as soon as possible.

Please send copies of any replies you receive to ***********************
Thank you for your support.

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Our latest post on the PP blog - EU referendum vote: full analysis - looks at the result of the vote in Parliament last month on an EU referendum. It shows that securing a majority of MPs in support of James Wharton's forthcoming EU Referendum Bill is feasible - if the Conservatives are whipped to support the Bill on 5th July, as David Cameron has pledged. Was your MP among the 133 who voted in support of an EU referendum back on 15 May 2013?

Sharing this blog article via Twitter, Facebook, email and other online networks is a huge help towards achieving greater awareness about our EU referendum campaign and gaining new supporters. Please visit our blog and share the articles if you can.

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