What is racism.

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the post or the thread? my concentration span isnt what it used to be , must be old age. 7 pages is a long read for me , 7 posts and i am usually drifting off. :oops:
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...not just with a face, every living thing on this planet is related.

I know that genus, species, race are all arbitrary but humans do fall into atleast 5 (ish) distinct races off the top of my head. It is no different to, say, giraffes, they have 9 races, the rothschild being the most well known, and they can interbreed, but they are genetically different.

You claim that any difference in race is environmental...which is simply not the case otherwise all Americans would have turned into native americans and all black people in the Uk would have turned white.

...I do know what you are saying, that the idea of different races is a social construct, I agree..but as evolution is one fluid line, so are most classifications.

I would say though, that this is more of a conversation about social ideas of race rather than genetic.
...still, as it said, these are different SPECIES, not different races.

right. And species are further apart than races. Ergo, if a species can breed with another species, a race can breed with another race, so the point previously that 'black men can mate with white women' proves nothing whatsover in the way of 'were all the same'. It proves no such thing.
The term racism is actually used in many ways. Some refer to racism as white supremacism, the belief that the Caucasian race is superior to all other races. Others define racism as discrimination against a particular race’s culture, beliefs or traditions. Racism might refer to the idea that a single race is somehow purer than other races, or that one race genetically exhibits dominance over others. Some believe that race can be a way to determine behavior and performance.
Definitions of racism

1. The belief that human races have distinctive characteristics which determine their respective cultures, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule or dominate others.

2. Offensive or aggressive behaviour to members of another race stemming from such a belief.

3. A policy or system of government based on it.
when you start work today, shifty, you can spend a few hours staring at this and wonder how you managed to walk into such a simple trap.
when you start work today, shifty, you can spend a few hours staring at this and wonder how you managed to walk into such a simple trap.

You are pretty rubbish at this whole trolling thing aren't you pops? :rolleyes:

Do you actually read your replies back to yourself? Obviously you don't otherwise you'd see what a load of absolute guff you post!

Would you care to explain to me where this trap is that I have apparently walked into? Please don't tell me that your whole basis for "trapping" me is that jehovas refuse blood transfusions for their kids? Has this point somehow caught me out and I haven't even realised? :eek:

LOL what a complete idiot!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Agreed. You are a complete idiot.

Obviously you didn't read the post before you added your shining wit.

Have you forgot your medication again Life? Did you think of a really witty way of catching Shifty out? If so, next time you may want to actually type it instead of just thinking it. ....i know, i know, there is a tendency that when you type your 'witty' remarks, they actually turn out to be nonsense, but that is the risk you take.

Don't try and claim victories where there are none, it just makes you look a bit out of your depth and desperate.
The other tiler from Kent takes over.

Just good friends? Watch your rear, ****ty22 is obsessed with gay events
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