What is racism.

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Can't you stop cutting and pasting.
The British are not a race any more than the Americans are a race.
The British come in all shapes and sizes,black,white,yellow even the English were immigrants at one time.No doubt lincsbugger will be trawling the internet looking some juicy statistics to pass off as his own work LOL.
Has any one any proof that there such a thing as a British 'race'
''Has any one any proof that there is such a thing as a British 'race''Yes the germans ie. the Queen of England, duhh come on as if you did'nt know that. :LOL:
None of those animals can reproduce,they are biological dead ends therefor irrelevent.
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...still, as it said, these are different SPECIES, not different races.

The idea that we are all one race because we can breed is very flawed.
This example with the hybrids just went one step further to show even SPECIES can breed.

Interestingly enough, a little closer to home, it is now thought that neanderthals and modern humans interbred. Again, species rather than race.

SO it fair to say that breeding has nothing to do with race.

...well that was a waste of perfectly good time to point out the obvious...back to topic.
all humans originated in Africa any difference in colour is due to enviroment and not race.
thanks for your comic input,
Ever heard of Jehova's Witnesses?
I do believe they refuse blood transfusions, even for their kids.
Enjoy the taste of faeces, if that's what turns you on.
Expect a reply from Nuke at any time. He can't resist interfering
all humans originated in Africa any difference in colour is due to enviroment and not race.

Wow, that is a silly statement.
By that logic.
All life began in the sea, therefore we all must be fish.

Just because all of a genus started somewhere doesn't mean we are not different races.
Go back far enough and we were fish, but life has evolved a bit since then. we cant be fish because we cant interbreed with fish.

The human race is monogenist any variations in skin colour ect are due to environment. If you want to class the slight genetic differences between various members of the human race as evidence of separate races, then it would depend on how you define what constitutes a race.

As for animals crossbreeding, to achieve this the animals would have to be of the same genus, ie. lions and tigers.
The term species like race depends on definition.
I can say that I hate the French or the Germans without fear of being accused of racism. I can’t say the same about Indians or Pakistani’s because the same rules are not applied. Why? I’m at a loss to understand the difference.

Stating that you don’t like a particular race of people is deemed to be racist but is it? What if your experience of that race is what caused you to have that opinion. Is that racism? not to me. If you're saying that because of a personal experience then you are perfectly entitled to voice that opinion regardless.

sorry but ive only read this first post and had to comment , i will read the rest , honest.

why do you hate both the french and germans? do you hate all french and germans or just a particular person or group of people for reasons other than they are french , or german? if you hate a particular person for any reason race shouldn't really come into it , if you hate someone because of their race then yes , it can be seen as being racist.
i am sure you dont really hate all the french and germans though , for a start you dont even know all of them. :D
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