ceiling rose

  1. DorianN

    Ceiling light - how to connect wires (photos)

    Hi all. I'm struggling to figure out how to replace the ceiling light. The bottom photo is a bit blurry but you can see how they're connected currently. The top photo (with brown and blue cables only) is the new light. I'd rather avoid the trial-and-error route, so thought I'd ask here. Should I...
  2. M

    New light fitting - Please tell me if its safe?

    Hi All, DIYer here, no real knowledge as an electrician. Was just trying to fit a new light in my landing and I am doing so on the rose that has a lot of wires coming from it. Rather than taking the rose off and trying to wire up a new light with a junction box myself (as this would probably...
  3. S

    Lighting circuit dead after repairing fault

    I noticed a slight ’electrical’ burning smell in my dining room. I had to hang a shelf for my daughter and thought, I’ll get back to that in a few minutes. While I was hanging the shelf I heard a pop and thought it was a light bulb blowing. When I went downstairs the ground floor lights were all...
  4. willowcat

    Confusing ceiling rose - please help!

    I am at my wits end with this light fitting. We’ve been living in this house for 3 months and come across quite a few failed DIY jobs from the previous owners, and unsafe electrics. I’m trying to fit a new light fitting in the kitchen and was surprised to find four wires (not including the...
  5. K

    Mystery grey wire in ceiling rose

    My mum and dad have just had their house rewired by electricians. But after they'd gone dad wanted to replace a ceiling rose with a fancier light fitting. In a move classic for my dad, he took the ceiling rose off without noting down where the wires came from or taking a photo. Normally...
  6. J

    Wiring Ikea PS2014 Pendant Light with exisiting ceiling rose

    Hi all, New here and a novice with electrics but i have this light thats taking up space in my house so id like to put it up. Ive attached images (see below) of my existing ceiling rose and also the terminal box i intend to wire up. Yes i will turn the fuse box switch to the off position and...
  7. finlamit

    How is my ceiling rose/light switch functioning??

    I recently changed a couple of ceiling roses for a newer ones that weren't grubby and yellow. I noticed something odd... in the fact there was only 2 cables going to them. In previous houses I have lived at, there has always been 3. 2 which form part of the ring/circuit, and one goes to the...
  8. E

    A heavy light fitting and a Victorian plaster ceiling rose

    Hi everyone I hope someone can advise me with this problem. We have moved into a house with handsome original ceiling roses, which I don't want to damage. The previous owners had some pretty chunky chandeliers installed, and in the centre of the ceiling rose there's an 8cm hole with a hook in...
  9. L

    4 cable ceiling rose

    Hi, I'm changing a bedroom light fitting, which was a ceiling rose with 4 cables. The new light fitting just has live and neutral. I've followed previous advice and connected the 3 plain black wires to the neutral, the switched live (black with red tape) to the live, the 4 red wires to a single...
  10. J

    Remove 2 way light switch

    Hi, I’d like to remove this two way switch from our bedroom. F096C476-CFBD-4DAA-A1E2-915C61BFBC7D by JayPick posted 28 Mar 2020 at 1:35 PM 2E680472-78EF-4899-BF67-835DE3663504 by JayPick posted 28 Mar 2020 at 1:35 PM 74287863-94BD-411C-85D5-74AEAC17C694 by JayPick posted 28 Mar 2020 at 1:35...
  11. C

    Pendent light fixture with screws into ceiling rose

    I’ve brought a new pendent light, it has what appears to be a fairly standard fitting, with a screw to the ceiling and then screws to attach the fitting on the side. However, we have a ceiling rose and therefore you cannot get to the screws on the side. Is there something I can get to be able...
  12. T

    Ceiling Rose to Wago Connectors

    Hi I am really new at DIY. My bedroom ceiling light needs replacing. I currently have a ceiling rose connector which needs to be changed using wago connectors. IMG_2487 by Tanveerym posted 11 Jul 2017 at 7:13 PM Please could somebody help me with how many wago connectors I need and which...
  13. H

    Ceiling rose strange wiring

    Can anyone help? I am trying to replace a ceiling rose in downstairs loo but the wiring looks nothing like photos I have seen on the internet or the replacement part from screwfix. Here are photos 20170120_142607 by jtmk posted 20 Jan 2017 at 2:37 PM 20170120_142532 by jtmk posted 20 Jan 2017 at...
  14. A

    Is this ceiling rose double insulated?

    I bought this ceiling rose off Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Modern-Antique-Brass-Ceiling-Lighting/dp/B00CJ9GE9Q): It's not like others I've seen as it has a black input sheath to a connection box, which also closes over the top. Does this mean it is double insulated? Thanks
  15. Dave Long

    Why don't my lights work?

    Hi Forum members! I added new electrics to my shed this weekend. All new wiring and components. As per the attached circuit diagram i have wired up what i think is correct; but am not getting any lights to come on. I have checked at the consumer unit i installed in the shed and have 240v out of...
  16. C

    Taking two spurs from ceiling rose

    Hi all, I hope we have some knowledgeable sparkies who can comment on this one. I will start off by saying that I am confident and skilled in most areas of DIY and am not stupid when it comes to electrics - I have enough understanding to stay safe and know my limits. I think this one is within...
  17. A

    Changing conventional ceiling rose to halogens - but too many connections in the block

    As per the image below, the original block has 2 sets of black, one earth and one live. The new light has 3 sets, not 4. I've shown where the original blue cable has come out of the block. Do I just maintain the current configuration and wire from the existing block to the new block or re-wire...
  18. T

    Replacement of Ceiling Rose

    Hi, I am replacing two lights in my living room, they are currently on a three wire ceiling rose system, unfortunately the new lights do not accommodate the ceiling rose system. I am planning on using a junction box like this https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/ASJ501.html? My only...